Floatcam Dollycrane HD (32kg payload) Slider/Jib

Acts as a crane or a job or both!

£250.00 / day
£750.00 / week

The new heavy duty DollyCrane HD accommodates camera and head combinations of up to 32kg, making in an ideal grip companion to more traditional feature, drama and commercial shooting packages. With the increased weight capacity, the DC HD can be used with fully built studio digital cameras with confidence.

Dolly: By utilizing a movable counterweight, the camera can be tracked up to 160 cm, much further than in typical camera sliders. The slider rail can be set at almost any angle including vertical, and with the counterweight system, the camera can be moved up and down the slider with minimal effort. As the camera moves in one direction, the counterweight tracks in the opposite direction, allowing for continuous perfect balance and control. The movement of dolly and counterweight is absolutely silent thanks to rubbered wheels.

Compatible Tripods:  The system is supplied with a 10omm bowl fitting suitable for Sachtler Video-20 tripod head (optional extra).  This system has a 35kg payload capacity and is capable of carrying a fully loaded Alexa camera plus O’Connor 2575, though in our opinion it works better with a Sachtler Video-20.

In addition to the tripod mount, the DollyCrane can also be mounted directly onto the floor with the supplied adjustable legs.

Crane: When configured as a crane the camera can move parallel to the ground, and execute crane movements in 3 axis, up to a maximum lens height of 3m (depending on base tripod)

Mini-jib: In its mini-jib configuration, the DollyCrane operator can tilt, pan and move the camera 360 degrees around the base tripod with a maximum lens height of 3m (depending on base tripod)

Motion Control Option now available

Developed specifically for use with the DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD, a full motion control system is now available from VMI.

MotionControl allows manual and programmed movements. Every movement, manual or programmed, may be recorded and stored for later use. There are nine persistent banks and one volatile bank available. Each movement can be repeated up to 999 times and extended “time extension” up to 99 times, allowing the user more than enough opportunity to get that perfect shot. You’ll really appreciate the wide range of speed settings from 0-20cm/sec. and a speed ramp range from 0.5-2.5 seconds. Due to the patent pending, precision counter balance system on DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD family, only one motor is required for all functions of the motion control. The MotionControl System allows the use of the mutli-angled slider to achieve a wide range of unique shots.

VMI Floatcam HD Configuration

The Dolly/Crane is supplied in two flight cases.
VMI will be supplying the Floatcam HD complete with:

  • Floatcam HD
  • 4 ft Bazooka with
  • 3 way leveller with Moy Fit
  • 100mm bowl fit for appropriate tripod head (Optional extra)

Please note that VMI Floatcam systems are supplied in flightcase only configuration now, so you will need a Van or VMI delivery if you plan to use these, as they will not fit into regular sized cars

Sizes for the 2 x Floatcam flight cases are as follows:

Box 1: 92.5 x 36 x 23cm; Weight= 49.1k
Box 2: 196 x 30 x 23cm; Weight= 46.8kg

Box 1: 92.5 x 36 x 23cm; Weight= 49.1k
Box 2: 196 x 30 x 23cm; Weight= 46.8kg

Payload: 32kg

Floatcam Dollycrane HD Slider/Jib
2 x Vertical Position Plate
Head lock off
2 x H/V Stands inc. 2 x screws (one in each)
4 x 6” Stand legs
2 x Pivot screws
2 x Pan lock Off
10 x Extra Large Weights
4 x Large Weights
2 x Medium Weights
2 x Small Weights
2 x Extra Small Weights
Jib Arm with Red Screw
Jib Arm Head Screw
Dollycrane Head
Crank Handle
90 Degree Plate. Inc 1 x 3/8” ,4 x ¼” screws and Locating screw
Allen keys
Operational Manual/CD/USB Stick
Manfrotto Head adapter for 100mm bowl
Floatcam Dollycrane HD Case 1
Floatcam Dollycrane HD Case 2
Jib Arm Extension
4 x RED lock offs
4 x Black lock offs

Box 1: 92.5 x 36 x 23cm; Weight= 49.1k
Box 2: 196 x 30 x 23cm; Weight= 46.8kg

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