Intel A Jib Pro 3.1m (10′) Professional Jib

Professional jib with reinforcement wire frame


Professional Jib Arm which can take a payload of 54kg at 1.83m or 36kg at 10'/3.10m, making it suitable for Alexa/RED etc.

Intel A Jib

Tripod Head Mount

100mm Bowl

Note that this has been upgraded in 2019 to include a wire frame superstructure.

Requires Moy legs, or a Bazooka and 3-way leveller plus suitable tripod head (100mm bowl) to operate.

This crane/jib has 2 stages of arm length.  If you are using both stages then VMI recommend that this device should only be used with a NVQ Level 3 grip as stipulated by the HSE.

Note that if you plan to mount a Ronin 2 gimbal to the Intel-A-Jib, then you will need to also request a MOY plate for the ROnin 2 to make this combination work.

Min. Reach:

  • (From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7” Mitchell mount): 6 Foot (1.83 Meters)
  • Set up Time: Under two minutes

Max Reach:

  • (From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7” Mitchell mount): 10 Foot (3.10 Meters)


  • Machined/extruded aluminum and stainless steel

Max Camera Package Load Capacity:

  • 120 lbs. at 6’ (54.43 Kg at 1.83 m)
  • 80 lbs. at 10’ (36.29 Kg at 3.10 m)

Overall Assembled Length:

  • 9’ 7” at 6’ (2.96 m at 1.83 m)
  • 13’ 8” at 10’ (4.21 m at 3.10 m)

Arm Extrusion Design:

  • One Piece X-Box Extrusion™ for superior anti-deflection, and anti-torsion properties

Weight at Full Extension: (less counterbalance weight)

  • 65 lbs. at 10’ (28.48 Kg. at 3.10 m)

Arm Section Connectors

  • V-Lock Connector™ for fast secure assembly

Counterbalance weight to Load Ratio:

  • 1.8:1 at 6’ (1.83 m)
  • 3.0:1 at 10’ (3.10 m)
  • 4.1 :1 at 13.5’  (4.1 m) with optional 3ft extension

Arm Sections Included:

  • One main arm for 6’ reach, one extension arm for 10’ reach

Camera Mount Options:

  • Over/Under 7” Mitchell (flat-base)
  • Counterweight Style: Standard 1” barbell

Intel-A-Jib™ Mounting Requirements:

  • Heavyweight Moy or Bazooka platform with 3-way leveller..
  • Camera platform level adjustment, fine tuning weight, high visibility dual bubble levels, tilt and pan brake, fits in two optional cases.
Intel-A-Jib Fulcrum
Intel-A-Jib Main Arm Section (5ft)
Intel-A-Jib Extension Arm Section (4ft)
Intel-A-Jib Stage 1 Parallel Rod
Intel-A-Jib Stage 2 Parallel Rod
Intel-A-Jib Spoonbill
Intel-A-Jib Spoonbill tilt adjuster
Intel-A-Jib Tail Section W/Sliding Weight
Intel-A-Jib Tension Wire 1 Stage
Intel-A-Jib Tension Wire 2 Stage
Intel-A-Jib Tension Wire Support Pole
5x Intel-A- Jib Connector Pins
Weight Rod
2x Weight Retainer
O'Connor Moy Lock Off
Intel-A-Jib Flat Moy Type Fitting
Intel-A-Jib 100mm Bowl Fitting
Intel-A-Jib Boom Arm Handle
2x Allen keys
10x Weight 5kg
4x Weight 2.5kg
Intel-A-Jib Weights Case 1
Intel-A-Jib Weights Case 2
Intel-A-Jib Weights Case 3
Intel-A-Jib Weights Case 4
Intel-A-Jib Flight Case 1
Intel-A-Jib Flight Case 2
Intel-A-Jib 6mm Washer Moy/CineFlex
4 Way Leveller, Moy Matthews 415063

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