Kino Flo 4ft 4 Bank Softlight

44 Kinoflo

£52.00 / day
£208.00 / week

Kino Flo 4x4 bank kit complete with C Stand.

Lighting Technology

This unit has the equivalent light output of a 1.2K HMI and is supplied with both tungsten and daylight tubes with cable and jumper.

Spun and Gels are supplied as chargeable consumables.

Kit Contents:
Kino 4x4' Kinoflo Lamp Head
Ballast 410 Kino Flo 4 Bank Select
60 Degree Honeycomb Celeb
Twist On Knuckle Mount Kino Flo
5 Kino 4' Tube (Daylight) Bulb
5 Kino 4' Tube (Tungsten) Bulb
Kino 15 pin to 15 pin Head to Ballast Cable

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