Kino Flo Diva Lite 400


£55.00 / day
£220.00 / week

Diva 4 x 2 ft interview soft light which has an equivalent light output of a 4x4 Kino Flo albeit in a smaller fixture or 400W HMI.

Lighting Technology

  • Diva-Lite 401 Fixture
  • Built-in dimming ballast
  • 4-Lamp/2-Lamp switching
  • Remote dimming
  • Built-in Barndoors
  • Center Mount
  • Reflector
  • Louver
  • Gel Frame

Our kits come with the indispensable 45 degree louver which drastically cuts light spill in every direction but that of your subject, without affecting the beautiful soft quality of the light. Obviously, you’ll find both daylight and tungsten balanced tubes in the case. Supplied with stand and cables.

Supplied as standard with C stand.

Kit Contents:
Kino Divalite 400 Lamp Head
5 Divalite 400 Tube (Daylight) Bulb
5 Divalite 400 Tube (Tungsten) Bulb
Bracket Kino Baby Offset (4-Inch)
Flozier DFS-D4. Diffusion For Diva
60 Degree Honeycomb Celeb
Kino Gel Frame
Kino Divalite 400 Flight Case

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