Motorola GP-340 Walkie Talkie

GP-340 with Headset


Motorola GP-340 Walkie Talkie complete with charger and headset. You can typically expect 10-15 hours of usage from one battery- depending on how much actual transmitting you do. Each set is supplied with a convenient "drop-in" charger - just plug the charger into a wall socket, drop the radio into it, and it is on charge. You can leave the radio on while it is charging.


Included in the price is a choice of headset or earpiece.
Choose from one of the following per walkie talke:

  • D-shaped earpiece
  • Double-sided noise cancelling headset (Pitcan)
  • Lightweight Headset


  • Signalling: private line and 5 tone selective signalling
  • Channel Scan: allows different channels to be monitored
  • Voice Compression: clear audio quality in noisy environments
  • Voice Operated Transmission: for hands free operation
  • Adjustable Power Levels: low power for extra battery life and high power for greater transmission range
  • Emergency Signalling: sends help signal to group or individual
  • Programmable Channel Spacing: flexible and easy migration of channel spacing requirements in any situation
  • Lone Worker: added security for users working on their own
  • Option Board Expandability: expand existing capabilities by adding a number of Motorola option boards
  • Repeater Talkaround: freedom to communicate in wide area coverage or bypass for easy local unit to unit communications
  • Whisper: allows user to speak quietly but be heard loudly
  • Call Forward: allows call to be forwarded to another radio user
  • Size: 137mm x 57mm x 37.5mm
  • Weight: 420g (with battery fitted)
  • Channels: 16 (with CTCSS to screen out other users on same channel nearby)
  • Range: Max around 2 miles in clear, open country. Less amongst or inside buildings. These are the most powerful handheld walkie-talkies available
  • UHF radios are best for getting signals around in or around buildings
  • Belt clip with robust spring clip
  • Accessory socket for earpiece / microphone (available to hire if needed, but not included in basic hire cost)
  • Uses standard UHF Ofcom-licensed hire frequencies – you use our licence, so nothing for you to do (however if you have your own Ofcom frequency and wish us to program our walkie-talkies to use that instead, we can do this for a small fee)
  • Top quality Motorola GP UHF professional walkie-talkie radios
  • 6-way chargers available at no extra cost for hire of larger numbers of radios

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