IB-E S35xVV 1.6x Expander PL Mount

Scale Super 35 up to full frame PLx1.6VV Expander


The S35xVV is the follow-up model to the S35xFF and increases the focal length by a factor of 1.66x. It allows the use of S35 lenses on large-format cameras up to 46.5 mm sensor diameter and supports a maximum aperture of T-Stop 2.0. The S35xVV is characterized by a robust and durable mechanical design with stainless steel PL mounts and anodized aluminium as well as decorative surface outside and flair minimized surfaces inside.
Please Note: The S35xVV is incompatible with mirror cameras but can be used with most S35 PL lenses.



PL Mount

Owing to its inherent design, this will only fit the following PL lenses:

  • Max. image diameter (mm): 46.5
  • Focal length extension: 1.66x
  • Max. input T-stop: 2.0
  • Light drop (stops): 1.46
  • Lens mount: PL Standard
  • Camera mount: PL UMS Mount*
  • Length PL to PL (mm): 22.9
  • Diameter (mm): 77.0
  • Weight (kg): 0.3
  • * without F and MFT Mount.

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