Rotolight NEO 3 x head Bi-Colour LED light with effects

Convenient and versatile portable light kit with effects

£55.00 / day
£220.00 / week

The Rotolight NEO kit is a 3 x lamp bi-colour LED light kit with punchy LEDs which work in daylight or tungsten colour temperature and are light enough for on-camera use.  They also include very versatile electronic lighting functions such as lightning, strobe etc.

Lighting Technology

It has the classic “ring light” shape, giving beautiful catchlights.

The Rotolight Neo provides Bi-colour LED technology claims the best-in-class colour rendering, and it is the world’s first ever on-camera light to include a highly accurate electronic colour temperature display (CCT). This allows colour temperature to be quickly and accurately adjusted on-location between 3150K and 6300K in 10K increments. The CRI is typically 95 and better than 98 for skin tones and the light is flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle.

The 120-strong LED bank gives an output of 1077 Lux at 3ft (roughly twice the output of the competition), and dimming fully between 0-100% . “Dynamic Drift Compensation” ensures the set colour temperature remains the same regardless of dimmer setting. Colour Temperature is adjusted using the Dual Rotary Encoder Control system both for quick colour temperature and brightness adjustments on-location.

The Neo’s small size and fast setup makes it ideal for “Run & Gun” news shooting, cinematography or stills photography, and has up to 3 hours’ running time at 100% power using 6x AA batteries, or it can be run from a mains or a D-Tap cable.

Suitable for High Speed

Rotolight is approved by Phantom for acquisition flicker-free at 7000 fps.


  • Bi Colour, soft light output – 50 Degree Beam Angle
  • Accurate colour temperature & brightness display including F-Stop indication
  • Delivers a powerful output of up to 1077 Lux at 3FT
  • Best in class CRI > 91, Skin tone >98, TLCI 85
  • Flicker-Free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Power via 6 x AA (3hours), AC, or DTAP Cable (provided)

Lighting Effects

Unusually, this lamp head includes built-in digital features that other lighting kits cannot provide.

  • Designer Fade™ mode for custom fade up / fade down production effects
  • True Aperture Dimming™ which accurately calculates the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance.
  • Finally, an arsenal of Cinematographic Special FX (CineSFX™), provides customisable creative visual lighting effects, on set or location
  • (Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb)

VMI Package

  • 3 x Rotolight NEO bi-colour LED 360 Pro Heads
  • 3 x AC Adapters
  • 3 x compact light stands
  • 3 x IEC Mains cables
  • 3 x microball mounts
  • 3 x hotshoes mounts
  • hard case on wheels
  • 5 x packs of AA batteries (chargeable)

Optional accessories

  • 2/4 way Anton Bauer Battery kit  with charger for longer operational times
  • Colour Filter Packs (£20 each consumable item)
  • Standard Filter Packs (£20 each consumable item)

Rotolight NEO wins best continuous Light Award.

Beam Angle

50 Degrees
TLCI (TV Lighting Consistency Index) 85 – Ideally suited for professional television use
Overall CRI (Ra) Better than 92
Skintone CRI (R15) Skintone R15, CRI=98
Power Consumption at 100% output 9W at 5600K, 15V DC
Tungsten Bulb Equivalent 707W
Control Local with Dynamic Drift Compensation and Thermal Monitoring
Mounting Integral 1/4”- 20 tripod mount,
Includes 360º swivel with 0 – 140 degree
Tilt angle Shoemount 1/4inch or 3/8inch stud
Peak Output 1077 Lux at 3ft (measured at midpoint of 4306 Lux)
Luminous Flux 530 Lumens
Colour Range 3150K – 6300K
Dimensions Diameter 145mm x Depth 50mm
Weight 354g (Body Only)
466g with 360-degree swivel mount
616g with 6xAA batteries and swivel mount
Kit Contents:
3 Rotolight NEO Bi-Col LED 360 Pro Lamp Head
AC Adapter Rotolight Neo
3 Light Stand - Lightweight NEO Compact
3 Mains Cable IEC
3 Hotshoe adapter
3 Rotolight, Micro Ball Head Hotshoe
Rotolight Neo hard roller Case
5 Battery Consumables, 4xAA Batts
Rotolight Neo Colour FX Filter pack
Rotolight Neo Replacement Filter pack
3 Power Cable D-Tap - 2.1 Co-Axial

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