Sigma Cine FF 40mm/T1.5 PL Mount

Sigma Cine Prime PL mount


Extremely fast (T2) cinema telephoto prime lens in PL mount offering 4K lens quality to PL mounted digital film and large sensor cameras with Full Frame (FF Φ43.3) and S35 coverage. Please note that VMI also offer the upgraded Sigma Cine/i PL primes which read Cooke/i data.


Lens Groupset

Sigma High Speed Cine Prime PL


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

Compatible with all cameras with PL mount including Full Frame cameras too without adaptation.  Also compatible with Sony A7S and other cameras with suitable lens adapter.  Please request suitable adapters when ordering.

All are rated for full 4K resolution and include follow focus rings, clear focus scaling and are fully manual throughout and the build quality is first class.

These lenses are optimised for cinema use and all feature a 9-blade aperture diaphragm for a beautiful full rounded bokeh.

  • This lens is T1.5-T16
  • All in the set have 95mm front
  • All in the set have Full Frame coverage FF Φ43.3

Sigma 40mm/T1.5 lens

  • Sigma 40mm/T2 FF Prime.  Close Focus 40cm/1’4″

All Sigma Cine Primes have a 95mm front diameter.

Supplied on a 3 day hire week.

Focal Length 40mm
Aperture T1.5 to T16
Number of 9 (Rounded diaphragm)
Diaphragm Blades
Close Focus1 40cm/ 1’4″
Image Coverage FF Φ43.3
Front diameter 95mm
Filter Size
Length PL mount4 123mm
Weight5 PL mount 1470g
FF6 48.5°
S357 34.2°
APS-C8 33°
Sigma_Cine FF 40mm/T1.5 PL Mount
Lens Front Cap (Sigma 95mm)
Lens End Cap (PL)

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