Sony UWP Presenters Hand Held (Radio)



Handheld radio mic system. Suitable for UK use only.

The updated UWP range features an all new design that makes it smaller and thinner that the original models.

The new UWP range of transmitter & receivers have all metal casings to provide even greater robustness.

Both the transmitter and receiver have an easy to read LCD display that make operation and monitoring of the system very simple. The displays have a variety of modes that allow for different forms of information to be displayed dependant on the users preferences. In addition, the new UWP range LCD displays are backlit to be easily readable even in lowlight situations.

Auto channel scan

The auto channel scan allows the user to find available frequencies to use within the operating frequencies of the system.

Pre-programmed channel plans

The UWP system has built-in channel plans that permit the user to quickly and easily find a set of frequencies that will not cause interference. This is especially important when working in an RF hostile environment.

Peli Case: 35 x 30 x 15cm 2.9kg

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