Teradek OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD Command RT DSMC2 I/O Expander

*** Please note not rentable as a separate item without camera ***


The most functional RED DSMC2 back ever which offers integrated wireless lens control facility with Teradek RT WLCS systems.


This offers RED PLUS functionality with OFFHOLLYWOOD COMMAND RT back, so that the servo motors can plug directly into the OMOD device avoiding the need for an external brain or lockit box

The introduction of the OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD Command module takes integration to a whole new level with RTMotion WLCS, and other Lens Control systems all effectively built into the latest RED cameras.

The RED DSMC2 camera docked with this new device creates a similar functionality to the integrated ARRI camera/WCU-4 system to effectively make a RED PLUS camera with DSMC2 cameras.

Read VMI’s article: WLCS Systems, All you need to know to explore the question of how to choose between the various systems and to introduce the range of WLCS systems which VMI arguably considers the best in their field and explain why we think that they work very well in given scenarios.

Integrated RED PLUS system allows the lens control motors to plug directly into DSMC2 camera systems and add the following functionality:

  • Connect Lens Control servo motors directly to the camera, since the wireless lens control receiver is built into the camera and this will integrate with RTMotion WLCS systems without external brain being fitted to camera.
  • Wireless timecode and meta-data functionality from with AMBIENT’s ACN.  This includes a built-in lockit box.
  • Extended range of Fool Control of camera via a powerful, fully-configurable dual-band wifi module.
  • Wireless Live Color grading for HDR and SDR with leading software solutions such as Pomfort Live Grade, Pomfort LiveGrade, FilmLight Prelight, Colorfront On-Set Live!, CODEX Live and Qtake
  • 3 x HD-SDI outputs as standard

This is the ultimate in camera integration to make the systems extremely elegant and devoid of the ‘rats nest’ of cable and peripherals that drama crew have been accustomed to working with.

Camera brain not included.
You will also need your own battery clip back to fit to this in order to fit a battery to it.

OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD Command RT module for DSMC2 Incl 2 Aerials

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