Camera kits

Free Delivery Service & Timed Delivery Charges

As well as a 24-hour timed delivery/collection service, VMI also provides a complimentary untimed delivery and collection service, applicable for all orders confirmed 24 hours before delivery within a 10 mile radius of VMI and subject to £250 minimum order.  

The radius for free delivery and collection

 - Includes Central London, the City, North, West and much of East London. 

 - Extends to within 20 miles on orders over £350.

 - Client Cooperation expected with regard to parking and loading/unloading  - see below

VMI complimentary non-timed delivery/collection service:

VMI will arrange to deliver/collect in either am or pm slots (non time-sensitive).

As such, we will endeavour to deliver/collect either between 9am and lunchtime or from lunchtime to 6pm at a non time-specific time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a complementary service outside these arrangements, so if the window is not suitable please advise VMI and your collection will be amended to a timed service and the appropriate collection charge will apply.

Loading and Unloading Considerations

VMI Provide single-driver vehicles and whilst we will endeavour to be as helpful as we can when loading and unloading, the limited parking of London streets and design of older buildings can make this difficult.  We allow for just 10 minutes of loading/unloading time from the kerb to ensure that we keep to our schedules and promises. 

With this in mind, please ensure that you provide assistance for our helpful drivers, otherwise you may be charged or a risk having a delivery/collection refused.

If however you are aware that the delivery/collection is likely to be challenging, then let us know in advance.  This way, we can plan for this by providing an assistant for the driver, though be aware that this will be chargeable.

Parking Fines

We endeavour to avoid parking infringements whenever possible, though this is sometimes unavoidable due to locations, time restrictions and rules imposed by local councils.

Where there is a risk of a parking fine (red routes, bus lanes, double yellow lines etc), we will advise the client by phone and you will have the option for us to deliver at a later time or make alternative arrangements (i.e. parking further away and assisting the driver with transporting the equipment to the designated location).  Where this option is not taken, should we subsequently receive a fine, then this will be passed onto the client.

Low Emissions Zone Charges

Note that as of September 2018,  2 zones in the City Fringe of London during peak hours, will be restricted to walking, cycling and low emissions vehicles only (vehicles that emit less than 75g/km of CO2). Petrol, diesel and older hybrid vehicles will not be permitted on the streets during these hours and as a result, any deliveries requested between 7am-10am and 4-7pm will incur a fine of £145 plus £10 (admin fee to VMI), so will be charged to the client at £155. 

In order to avoid this cost to the client, we will work with you to deliver to alternative addresses and outside these timings too, as it is in all of our interests to avoid these fines.  However, we plan to invest in electric commercial vehicles when the technology is ready so that electric vans will be expempt of these restrictions and charges.  

24 hour Timed Delivery Service

We offer a 24 hour delivery and collection service.  
Order your kit to be delivered anywhere and at any time, then collected again at a time to suit you.
The bespoke nature of this service means that there is a sliding tariff, where a fixed rate is charged between 8am and 6pm and an hourly rate outside of these times. 

Heavy-duty/Large delivery/collection charges 

VMI reserves the right to charge a surcharge on our free and chargeable delivery services for large or heavy-duty deliveries of £35 each way. 

Standard Transport charges within 08:00 to 18:00

Out-of-hours transport charges within 18:00 to 08:00

Airport Deliveries

* Min £50 out of hours delivery charge

Transport outside London £1.10 per mile (calculated on the return mileage - min £55)

Please note that a waiting charge of £35 per hour will apply if Drivers are kept waiting on delivery or collection.

Overnight/National and International service

VMI use a selection of courier companies to provide the best service for the relevant order. 

Cost is calculated by weight and service, please contact us for quote.

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