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MoVI shooting M&S Commercial

MoVI shooting M&S Commercial

The much anticipated MoVI M10 camera rig is already earning its stripes. Used for a promotional video to launch the Marks & Spencer summer clothing range, the MoVI was literally in the thick of the action.

The production features the new garments majestically flying out of a suitcase (courtesy of a string of invisible wires). Suspended in the midst of the clothes and moving through and around the scene is a Red Scarlet.

“We had a very good idea of the look we wanted to achieve,” says Tom Booth of Adjust Your Set (AYS). “We knew that the MoVI would give us the creative freedom we needed, particularly with some of the very slow movements we wanted to make. Keeping the camera stable at slow speeds would have been beyond earlier generation gimbal systems and would have required a lot of time, kit and rigging to achieve the effect.”

The AYS crew was assisted by VMI’s senior technician, Jamie Stevens who was on hand during the shoot. He notes:

“We monitored the camera via a Teradek Bolt wireless transmitter. The pictures looked very steady: the camera seemed to float effortlessly through the shot. There’s no way a handheld shot could achieve this level of balance, stability and fluidity. In theory, you could achieve the same with a Steadicam, but that takes a lot of practise and training.”

As one of the first productions to use the rig with a Scarlet, Stevens was keen to assess the camera combined with the MoVI. He comments:

“I think the Scarlet is at the limit of what you would use. After a series of extended shots with slow movement, the operator was pretty exhausted. But whatever the system, whether a Canon 5D Mark II or a Canon C300, we’d advise stripping off as many accessories as possible to keep the weight down and spending time balancing the camera. This makes using the MoVI much easier to manoeuvre and is kinder on the batteries.”

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