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Where is this going? DJI Ronin

Where is this going? DJI Ronin

Some films don’t go where you might expect, like the opening scene of Pulp Fiction which sees two lovers involved in romantic small talk before dramatically and violently holding up a café at gun point.

Greenpeace UK’s promotional film takes a very similar, though less blood curdling approach: a young walks girl alone through a park. She slowly crosses London accompanied by a lethargic polar bear. After 30 gentle seconds, the music and pace of the film theatrically goes up in tempo as the camera fixes on the action of a Formula E race in full flow. The change in the speed of shooting and in focal lengths have an arresting effect; gone are the smooth tracking shots, to be replaced by a style of production more familiar to sports enthusiasts.

The environmental message of energy efficiency (Formula E cars are electrically powered) is treated playfully and powerfully.

DOP Richard Mitchell was limited to a small range of equipment as much of the shoot was to take place around the race track. He worked with VMI to build a kit around his Canon C300 that would give him a stable, fluid filming platform.

“The basis of the kit was the DJI Ronin gimbal supported by an Easyrig. [VMI Note - a Ready Rig would be the new support jacket].  It’s a great combination that allows for free movement and delivers wonderfully smooth shots.” He comments.

Calibrating a rig is critical and makes using heavy, professional zoom lenses particularly problematic. To overcome the issue, Richard opted for a Canon EF EOS prime set, with focal lengths from 24mm to 85mm. The compact Canon primes delivered quality without being too heavy a load. Their relatively short length aided the balancing of the rig.

“The 24mm is my particular favourite. Shooting fully open at F1.4, you can achieve a very unusual wide shot with minimal depth of field. It’s a striking effect.” He notes.
The result is a film that marries a number of shooting styles. It successfully leads and engages the viewer throughout its duration.

Producer/Director: Prano Bailey-Bond
DoP: Richard Mitchell 


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