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CNN/Turner shoots Philips commercial on RED

CNN/Turner shoots Philips commercial on RED

Writer and director Adam Woods had previously completed seven ads for Philips in 2007 with CNN's commercials production unit TCP, so when the company asked him to create a new series of global films, he knew he needed to raise the bar – both creatively and technically.

Having developed the scripts with creative agency DDB, he wanted what he refers to as a “human, emotive but naturalistic look,” which led him to hire a RED camera from VMI.

“I'd seen workshop images from an early incarnation of RED, and later shot some short sponsorship sequences on it, so knew of its wide dynamic colour range,” he says. “It was also ideal for the shallow depth of field I wanted, to give the films an observational look.”

Project DoP, Rob Shacklady, was also keen to use the RED, and already had a relationship with VMI in place. Woods wanted to be absolutely convinced of the RED's reliability and workflow performance as, shooting back-to-back in two days, downtime wasn't an option. “So, VMI loaned us a camera for a recce day, we shot some tests and I sent the files for test grading,” he explains. Woods also used Cooke lenses, to “maintain a quality feel to the image.”

The only time Woods was aware of the RED's file sizes, he says, was on asking for the first day's rushes to be cloned to his personal hard drive. But it was worth the wait, he reports. “I could watch the rushes on my laptop that night using RedCine, and on the second day, know the previous day's shoot was up to scratch.”

As well as providing the camera for recce, Woods recalls that a “nice added touch from VMI was it providing its Soho screening theatre for a post-TX breakfast screening for cast and crew, which was a bonus. Now I'm really looking forward to pushing the RED further on my next commercial... or feature.”

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