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Churchill's Supreme Fantasist on XDCAM

Churchill's Supreme Fantasist on XDCAM

Marbella Productions has chosen XDCAM EX as the format to shoot a 60 minute drama on Churchill using the Sony EX-3 hired from VMI.

One of the strangest men in Politics, a fantasist and compulsive liar, father of modern financial journalism, creator of the modern “Financial Times”, the man without whom Churchill would not have been Prime Minister, saviour of the BBC’s independence, satirised as Rex Mottram in “Brideshead Revisited”, and was the original Big Brother in Orwell’s “1984”; yet he hid himself from the pages of history. We reveal his story, his secrets and scandals, for the first time on Television.

This documentary traces the life of Brendan Bracken from his Irish Republican roots in Fenian Central Ireland in 1901, through his school days in 3 countries, his rise to business and political power, his friendship and power broking with Winston Churchill over 30 years, finally his accession to the peerage, his life, loves – or lack of them - and his early death in 1958 aged 57, after which, by his own command all his papers were destroyed.

Filmed in magnificent High Definition, the 60 minute documentary features the presenter – Adrian Bracken, a distant relative – as he retraces Bracken’s steps filming in the places where the story unfolds, meeting and interviewing people who either knew Bracken or whose lives were touched by him.

Archive footage, photographs, location filming including: London- (10 Downing street & The Cabinet War Rooms amongst them) Cumbria, Cambridge, Chartwell, Templemore (Ireland) Limerick, Dublin, and Gibraltar together with extensive reconstructions of major scenes in Bracken’s life, make this a must see fascinating Documentary telling a unique story, never before told on Television!

If Brendan Bracken’s story were fiction it would be more believable!

Made in English by Marbella Productions, versions in Spanish, German, French and Irish will be available, together with subtitles.

The documentary is now in Post Production (November 2009) and will be launched to Media buyers at a cinema in London in early February 2010.

The image is of EX-3 on steadicam flyer - Brendan Bracken (Chris Sheridan) and Penelope Dudley Ward (Lorna Bumford). Image and text courtesy of Marbella Productions.

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