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Hippy and The Holistics Campaign, White Label Management.  Sony FS700

Hippy and The Holistics Campaign, White Label Management. Sony FS700

Hippy And The Holistics - a natural hair care and shampoo brand – commissioned White Label Management to create its latest web advertising campaign.Targeting the luxury end of the market, the director Ben Galster and crew headed for the Mediterranean and Ibiza for the shoot (think select locations, ocean going yachts, glamorous models and sun-drenched backdrops).

After consultation with VMI, DOP Matt Riley went with Sony equipment: “We chose the FS700 because of the slow motion, which was incredibly important for the shoot. We were filming a lot of hair and water and we wanted to be able to capture the movement, and potentially create speed ramps in post. Nearly everything was shot at 200FPS.“

With a number of different locations and variable lighting, the team needed a camera that was versatile and fast to set up: “With the FS700, we found the addition of internal NDs really handy. I was already using one of the matte box trays for a 1/8 BPM, and it just made switching out ND very quick, so it was easy to react to the conditions while shooting.” Continues Matt.

Filming overseas meant reducing the equipment list to a minimum: “Being able to take a whole camera kit as carry on helped us keep our luggage light. It was also the best option for shooting with a reduced crew: offloading footage was quick and easy.” He concludes.

For maximum flexibility and to meet a tight schedule, the film unit employed a Metabones EF adaptor and Canon L series zooms. Production speed was also assisted by being able to shoot mostly on the shoulder and by capturing data natively as AVCHD on SD cards, ideal for creating content for the web.

Results wise, the director is delighted: “We shot flat to give us greater latitude for grading. Now in post production, we can see the quality of the pictures and just how well the camera coped with every lighting condition – at all speeds.”

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