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Feature Film Unit

Since 2003, VMI has actively been involved in the production of more than 100 Features. The budgets have ranged from £200K to £21m and VMI takes an active role in ensuring the agreed production budgets were utilised to their maximum potential taking all factors into account.

VMI Staff and Crew including a BSC member have a wealth of experience to assist you on your next feature film in planning, filming and post production. Our extensive range of camera equipment and formats are evolving all the time to enable us to provide you with the latest technology within your budget remit. It is important to recognise that certain combinations work better in post production than others, for instance when using Final Cut Pro, which is why it the knowledge and advice during the planning of your film regarding the equipment, glass, frame rates etc is so important.

Many factors influence the 'look' of a film that is why at VMI we understand the importance of camera tests and test shoots. VMI are happy to provide equipment for camera tests and test shoots to test a variety of cameras, lenses, viewfinders, filters etc without charge* to help you make the right decision.

If you have a Feature Film coming up and would like to take advantage of our skills and expertise please contact the rental desk to discuss this on 020 8922 1222.

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