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Anamorphic and Full Frame lens Tests

Do you ever wonder what a Zeiss Supreme looks like next to a Zeiss Masterprime?  or what about a Tokina Vista next to an ARRI Signature prime, or even how well the new Atlas Orion anamorphics flare compared to the Cooke/i SF anamorphics?

Well, now you can.

Ian and the team shot a comparison film of 20 sets of anamorphic and Full Frame lenses to make 57 separate clips, shot under controlled conditions to include a tracking shot and flare test for the event.

The hour long film included all the lenses shown at the event and was designed to compare the lens characteristics directly as all other parameters of camera,codec,T Stop,shot, lighting and grade were a constant so the only fluctuation was in the charcter of the lenses.

The full film was shown at the VMI anamorphic and Full Frame event in January and also at the BSC show and is available to watch in individual lens clips and a long playlist.

VMI Lens Test Playlist

Click here to see all the VMI Lens Test clips
VMI Lens Test Playlist


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