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Guide: How to Shoot Bullet Time

How to create the Ultimate Selfie

We all remember Keanu Reeves as Neo, dodging bullets in the first Matrix film when we were first introduced to the concept of 'Bullet Time'.


It was spectactular and had never been seen before and was so cool that everyone wanted to achieve the 'Bullet Time' look.


The problem was that you needed a fixed rig of perhaps 50 DSLR cameras in a circle to make this shot with a lot of crew, knowhow and data and this precluded all but the most insistent of Producers and especially one with a lot of budget too.  


Today, you only need a single GoPro camera and a new OrcaVue Life "Bullet time 360 Rig".

This is a completely new type of rig which creates a unique shot when used in conjunction with DSLR/GoPro type cameras which only makes sense when you see the shots that it facilitates.

The device is supplied fully assembled with special VMI modifications to provide powering from Anton Bauer batteries.

in doing so, you record a collage of images which you can slow down in post to provide a slow motion 'Bullet time' Ultimate Hero Selfie.

The VMI below was shot, courtesy of Stephen Roach and Jermaine Allen of Merchant Cantos showing just how easy it is to create unique 'Bullet time 360" videos for the ultimate 'hero' selfie.  





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