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Kevin and Ian had a very illuminating time at NAB and aside from there not being very much change happening with camera technology, there IS a lot of change with lenses and at VMI, we love our lenses!

Developments are broadly on anamorphic, high-speed and lens data.

Here is our take on what to expect in the next year.

Since Zeiss stopped manufacturing T1.3 Superspeed lenses some decades ago, these lenses have steadily become more sought after but of course, since the original design used leaded glass which is no longer allowed, Zeiss have could not resume manufacture.  This has left a void which other manfacturers have been keen to fill and 2017 will see 3 new manufacturers producing high speed primes.


Anamorphic Lenses

Anamorphic is very much back in vogue now and consequently, there is an increased range of anamorphic lenses becoming available and which VMI will be stocking.

Cooke S6 anamorphic primes

VMI has ordered another full set of Cooke S6 anamorphic lenses, since many dramas are following in the same style as Broadchurch (Cooke S6) to shoot in the 2:1 aspect ratio (actually this was finished in 18:9 ratio).

The Cooke S6 65mm macro has a close focus of just 5.5" (140mm), that has to be seen to be believed.



Cooke 35-140 anamorphic zoom

Cooke have not recently been known for their zooms, however they are expanding their anamorphic range of lenses by introducing 2 new anamorphic zoom lenses.

The 34-140/T3.1 incorporates the 2x squeeze and the familiar 'Cooke Look', as well as oval bokehs in a really useful focal range.  





Cooke 45-450 anamorphic zoom

For the discerning filmmaker shooting anamorphic, comes this brand new lens which VMI are expecting to have delivered in the second quarter of 2018.  

It features a full 10x zoom range and is entirely compatible and consistent with the other zoom and primes in the Cooke S6 range.

In common with the 35-140 zoom, this lens feature the next-generation /i metadata lens technology.

Broadly, it is a full prime lens set in one zoom and it is reassuringly expensive too!




Kowa anamorphic Rehousing

The original Kowa anamorphics are not super-clean and sophisticated, however they have a classic vintage look that so many of our clients love.  Having been rehoused once already, modern lens control systems punished the aged mechanics sufficiently hard, that we made the decision to have them fully rebuilt by P+S in Germany.

6 months later, they are nearly ready in their new German housings with brand new mechanics.  They will act and feel like modern lenses but retain the classic vintage look that makes them so popular with filmmakers.  

We were pleased that P+S would agree that our lenses would be first in the queue for rehousing and our first set will be back in our fleet and ready to hire from early June.


Kowa Evolution anamorphic

P+S Technic in Germany elected to manufacture new elements faithful to the original design in order to retain the original KOWA look but to build these into newly designed lens housings.  This latest range are being called KOWA Evolution lenses and we expect our first full set to arrive this Autumn.




Sigma T1.5 Primes

Sigma are better known for producing stills lenses, however this range of prime lenses is a completely new design and offers a range of 14mm to 135mm in EF, E and PL mount format.  The 20mm to 85mm lenses are T1.5 and the 14 and 135mm are T2 and all lenses have a consistent 95mm front diameter.

Mechanics and optics look good and Sigma have intimated that these ought to be shipping soon.  We hope to be supply a Canon EF set in due course.




Celere T1.5

Another new player in the market is Celere.  These new lenses feature a consistent T1.5 aperture throughout the 18.5-85mm 5 lens set.  They cover full frame and Celere claim that the 18.6mm doesn't vignette on RED VistaVision  - we shall have to wait and see!

The combination of wide angle, full frame and at the same time, high speed too is a rare mix.  What is more, they have interchangeable mounts and even a nifty system for allowing nets to be affixed to the rear of the lenses without using glue, so we expect these versatile lenses to be popular.




Tokina T1.5 Vista Prime set

Like Sigma, Tokina are better known for their stills lenses, although they have been manufacturing PL lenses over the past few years.  They announced at NAB that they would be manufacturing a full set of PL high speed primes called 'Vista' for delivery before the the end of 2017.

As seems to be the norm now, these lenses fullfill the requirements of lens mount interchangeability (EF, F, PL), consistent look and T1.5 stop across the range.  They also feature a 9 blade iris, 300 degree focus rotation and all lenses have consistent 114mm diameter fronts.

The focus and iris gears are in identical positions across the range, irrespective of focal range, making it much simpler and quicker to switch lenses when using a follow focus/WLCS etc. Forget about 4K, Tokina is claiming these are 8K sensor-capable and we expect these to be popular!



Zeiss CP.3 Lenses

Zeiss have taken the popular Compact Prime range and re-released them as a version 3 sharing the original optics with improved optical coatings and mechanics.  Also importantly, this lens now reads and outputs the lens metadata in common with some higher specification film lenses.  

Note there are 2 variants of the new 3rd generation Compact Primes and only the CP.3/XD exports the lens metadata.

Being consistent 95mm front diameter, these are smaller than the original Compact Primes, due to the redesigned mechanics.

Zeiss also cleverly has ensured that the 15, 18mm and 21mm are all consistently T2.9, however, disappointingly the rest of the 25-135mm range are all T2.1.  

This is a shame because it is generally expected that lens sets have a consistent aperture across the 18-85mm range, so we are not sure how popular these lenses will become.


Veydra MFT/E mount Cinema Lenses

Veydra has released a range of Veydra Mini Prime lenses which are full 4k resolution and incorporate a 19, 25, 35, 50 & 85mm in MTF (Micro 4/3) and also APS-C (Sony E mount), so that they are compatible with the Sony FS-7 and A7S Mk II without the need for a Metabones adapter.

The 25-85mm are all T2.2 and the 19mm is T2.6 and these lenses are expected to arrive at VMI shortly.







We expect that all of the above lenses will be arriving at VMI in the coming months, so watch this space...

New Fleet Additions

A couple of new lenses which aren't relevent to NAB but have recently been added to our fleet are worthy of mention here.

Canon 200mm/F1.8

The Canon 200mm/F1.8 super-fast prime lens with PL mount includes the Optex modification and is supplied as standard with PL mount but can be provided with EF and B4 2/3" mounts as well- please specify which are required when ordering.







Canon K35 20-120/T2.8 vintage zoom

Vintage is still in vogue and we are really pleased to have found a Canon K35 zoom to go with our K35 vintage primes.

With a range of 20-120mm and a releatively fast T2.8, this is basically a box of primes in one lens and we expect this to be popular with our clients.



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