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Panasonic EVA1 now permits external 5.7K RAW record to external recorders to 30p

The Panasonic EVA1 camera installed with their updated v2.02 firmware enables external 5.7K RAW recording to certain external recorders upto 30p.

Presently it works with ATOMOS inferno and will offer compatibility to Convergent Odyssey 7Q/Odyssey 7Q+ with a later release.

The biggest part of this firmware update is certainly the unlocking of external RAW recording from the EVA1. With the new version 2.0 firmware, the EVA1 is able to output uncompressed RAW via 6G SDI. RAW formats that will be able to be recorded include 5.7K at 1fps to 30fps, 4K at 1fps to 60fps, and 2K at 1fps to 240fps.

You do need to be aware that you need to use SDXC cards with a Video Class Speed of V60 or greater to record in the 422Intra 400Mbps codec, or in the 2K/FHD VFR Mode. These cards are still relatively expensive and not a lot of them are currently available.


New ALL-I codecs and frame rates:

New Variable frame rates:


And EVA 2.0 expands recording capabilities with the inclusion of two high-quality interlaced codecs:


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