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Would you leave £200,000 (of anything) in an unattended vehicle?

Theft from vehicles and sets accounts for more than half of all equipment theft.
Theft is an Industry Epidemic and here are some guidelines to assist you to reduce this growing problem.

Theft is an Industry Epidemic

Incidents reported to Rental Guard (the US and now international anti theft/fraud site) in 2014-2015:
 - Over $8 million dollars of stolen equipment (est. value)
 - Incidents in 23 cities worldwide, and in 13 U.S. states
 - 32 incidents in Los Angeles and New York alone
 - Losses from a single incident exceeding $280,000


Theft hurts everyone.

It disrupts production schedules, affects insurance rates and rental rates, and reduces availability of hard-to-replace equipment.

Our industry can no longer afford to be a soft target and you can help.

What You Should Know

Police Recommendations

If you suspect that a piece of equipment you are working with is stolen, check the RENTAL GUARD website or Xhire, the UK-only anti-fraud site and contact ESTA. Reporting stolen equipment and searching the database is free. If equipment is stolen from your shoot, have the equipment owner report it to RENTAL GUARD or Xhire. You’ll be doing them and the industry a favour. 


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