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Whether to use P2 or not over XDCAM HD

FAQ from clients about using P2:

Whether to use P2 over XDCAM

I have to say, that on shoots where we don't have a data wrangler (all of them), I've found working with XDCAM discs infinitely better than p2 cards. Offloading several 100mbs p2 cards at the end of the shoot has added sometimes 3hrs to the day. We need to find a better workflow!

I understand this BUT it is different now.  This is because P2 is traditionally 100Mb/second but shooting on AVC Intra 50Mb/s is the same data size as XDCAM HD ((50Mb/second), so the data is the same size.

Modern transfer tools such as Nexto DI  , work at eSATA speeds and take all of the pain out of the transfer.

You won't suffer any of the problems of close focus of the XF-305 and you won't need an external recorder either.

The BBC's passing of the HPX-250 will make an easier camera available and the new data workflow makes it practical too!

Are there compact P2 Broadcast accepted yet?

The Panasonic AG-HPX250 is BBC approved as of December 2011.


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