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Useful RED Information

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(Note that this page contains the basis of VMI’s RED DIT Training Course)


  1. Role of the D.I.T
  2. IR and RED
  3. Good Red Practice
  4. Troubleshooting/Bugs

Role of the D.I.T

Above all else, ensure the integrity and safety of the rushes by:

Camera Build

Camera Menus – Structure And Settings

Pre-Shoot Setup

Exposing The Camera (helping the DOP expose)

Ramping Demo

Cf Card Vs Drives

Inputs And Outputs On The Body

Lens Lengths


Redcode 28 Vs 36

RAW and in camera LUTs

How ISO affects RAW


IR and RED

Colour Temperature

Good Red Practice:


Green/Magenta fuzz in EVF

Unplug and replug.

Crashes while booting

Unplug LCD, EVF and any other items pulling power, reboot.

Hangs during ‘POST’ as you cut the camera.

Cut power, via pulling battery if needs be. Send the drive immediately to Data Tech to verify that the .R3D is intact. It is highly likely that the Quicktime proxies have not been created but that the .R3D is fine.

This is the process for any kind of error message.

This seems to be related to temperature, and in my experience only happens during the first few shots of the day. Try and give it some space and time to acclimatize.

Timecode is not syncing up with Soundie’s.

You need to re-jam it every time you power cycle the camera

It is simply unreliable. Blame the camera and make sure the clap is in shot!

Camera switches off when knocked.

The RED V-lock plates are not fantastic. Switch them if you have a spare. Be firm when putting batteries on. Use camera tape if needs be to ensure good contact. (No, it’s far from ideal)

Audio has somehow disabled itself.

It does that. When you power cycle the camera the camera has a memory blank on audio settings. You need to reset them every time.

I can’t hear sound in RedAlert/RedCine.

No. But you will in the Quicktime Proxies.

Timelapse mode has recorded absolutely nothing but problems.

In the Timelapse menu, make sure ‘INTERVAL’ and ‘UNIQUE’ are selected. Then try again.

The frame guides on the external monitor have disappeared.

It’s because you have EVF and LCD plugged in. Don’t ask me why. Unplug one, mark the frame guides physically on the monitor, and then you can plug them both in again.

Playback is green / cropped in on the actual frame / mental.

It’s because you’re in 1080 playback mode – switch to 720.

Or stay in 1080, come out of the Preview BNC, and use a non-Panasonic monitor. It might work!

‘PLAYBACK CODEC ERROR’ message scares producers silly.


Hopefully this is because someone touched the magnify view button during or shortly before playback. Get the drive off and get it checked out on the computer. It should be fine.

Other assorted scary ERROR messages.


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