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VMI Supporting the Superheroes to Raise £20K to help eradicate Landmines by 2025

VMI Supporting the Superheroes to Raise £20K to help eradicate Landmines by 2025

We are riding from London to Bristol and London to Amsterdam in 2018 for the 2nd year in a row in order to raise £20,000 for MAG International.  

We embarked upon these rides when I learned that 24 people are blown up by landmines daily and half of them are children and we want to assist in MAG’s aim to try to make the world landmine free by 2025, as this is cruel and capricious and blameless children deserve better to be able to walk without fear.

We will ride from London to Bristol on 21-22 July 2018 and London to Amsterdam on 11-13 September 2018.

Track us Live as we ride

So that sponsors, friends and family alike can feel more involved, there will be live satellite tracking over the internet for both rides.  Click here for live satellite tracking to see our progress as we ride! 














Sponsor us now and visit the Superheroes Justgiving Page


Donate £10 by text: Text SPRH50 £10 to 70070 (Superhero 50 Abbreviated!) 

Why did we start this?

We started this campaign in 2017 and raised £12,500 because every day 24 people are maimed/killed by landmines DAILY.

It's true - every day 24 people have their lives changed forever and the tragedy is that mostly this affects children, who are just playing.

It is a cruel, capricious act of deliberately maiming/hurting/killing people and in Iraq, it is is becoming worse, with remote controls and fridge doors acting as booby traps in peoples' own homes when they return.

This is a charity whose aims are close to my heart and we have completed 2 events to raise money for this very worthy cause. (to make matters worse, in 2017, it was only 18 people per day and with worsoning conditions in the the Middle East, now it is 24, so your help is needed now more than ever).

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Author: Barry Bassett

Date: 2018-07-13 15:16:09


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