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Jay Beats Cancer

Jay Beats Cancer

We are so pleased that Jay Patel, who has worked with the driving team of VMI for almost 15 years, has managed to totally beat Pancreatic Cancer against the odds.

Jay was diagnosed with Stage-4 of this severe form of cancer back in July 2017 which has the worst survival record of all cancers. puts the median survival for untreated advanced pancreatic cancer to be about 3 1/2 months with sufferers likelihood of surviving an entire year once diagnoses is made only being slim.  Worryingly, they describe it as largely incurable

Never having had a day off work, Jay only realised that he was sick when he suffered recurring back pain during the loading/unloading of his van and subsequently visited his doctor to find out the cause of this pain, however by this point his cancer was so widespread that he was shocked to be given just 2 weeks to live.

Jay then committed himself to intense radio and chemotherapy with his usual positivity and against expectations, he started to make dramatic progress and the cancer started to shrink. 

His positivity did not go unrecognised - his consultant was so impressed with both his progress and also zest for life, that he was asked to visit other cancer sufferers who had given up on life in order to motivate them not to give up.  Of course, Jay did this with great enthusiasm as well!

Jay’s progress continued and eventually he restarted working at VMI with light duties in the summer of 2018 and has been given a complete bill of good health.

Today, Jay has hung his van keys up for good and spends his days greeting clients at our Acton HQ and supports Lewis in the VMEDIA team which specialises in supplying media cards and battery hire. 

Well done Jay!

Please feel free to leave Jay a goodwill message here

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Author: Barry Bassett

Date: 2019-05-09 13:07:32

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Edgar 1 day ago

Jay!! So happy for you mate! Glad you've beaten the bastard - big hugs! Hope to see you this week when I pop in)

Nisha 4 days ago

I am please to hear that you have beaten cancer. I admire how brave and strong you are never gave up and your positive attitude towards life and strong faith in Maharaj has paid off. God bless you . You will be inspiration to all of us.

Richard Bell 4 days ago

Amazing. Well done mate.

Rob Briancourt (TFG) 7 days ago

I'm so pleased to hear the you've beaten this terrible disease and supporting others al the while too. Well done and very best wishes. Rob @ all at TFG

Kailash Patel (Jay's Sister) 8 days ago

Jay it is such amazing news. Well done. Throughout your treatment you have been very brave. Your determination and positiveness has paid off and of course you didn't give up faith in God. Very proud of you. Keep it up. My and all our family's blessings are with you always. Take care my dearest brother xx

Danny Gagatt 8 days ago

Congratulations Jay. Positivity wins. Well done. Best wishes.

Victoria Baulcomb 8 days ago

This is wonderful news, huge congratulations to Jay!!

Scott Munro 8 days ago

Well done Jay! So pleased for you and your family. Keep on Truckin’

Jay Patel 8 days ago

Thank you

Rupert Style 8 days ago

That’s the most wonderful news, amazing keep smiling Jay

Andrew Leen 8 days ago

Well done Jay

Shane Cairn 8 days ago

Awesome brother, good to hear that :)

Sanjay V Thanki 10 days ago


Owen Hughes 10 days ago

Glad to hear this Jay, hope you're well mate.

Ian Powell 10 days ago

What a moving and inspiring story. Wishing him continued good health

Panos Golfis 10 days ago


Michelle Neate 10 days ago

Amazing man! Just proves what you can achieve with such a zest for life a positive attitude ... looking forward to seeing you soon Jay x

Andy Slightham 10 days ago

Well done , it took my mum In 5 months , don’t often cure pancreatic , nice to see some good news

Paul Robson 10 days ago

Wonderful news for Jay and indeed for all cancer sufferers xx

Eddie Dias 10 days ago

Good for you Jay !!!!

Rachel 11 days ago

Amazing news Jay! Hopefully see you around soon :)

Ken Schijf 11 days ago

Amazing! Congratulations Jay!

Rita Patel (Wifey) 11 days ago

Jay at home has been determined to beat this cancer with his heart, soul, mind and faith, with faith there is nothing you can do. His has strong faith with God.

Andy Parsons 11 days ago

what a legend .great man

Alan Piper 11 days ago

Great story! Good going Jay and well done Barry et al for what must have been invaluable support.

Andy Webber 11 days ago

Well done Jay.. Look forward to seeing you soon...

Amelia Gold 11 days ago

This has made our day! We love Jay - what brilliant news for a Friday! Can't wait to see him soon! xx

Will Currie 11 days ago

What wonderful news! Jay you bloody legend!

Cath Norrie 11 days ago

Fantastic. Well done sir xx Manage

Chris Margrave-Gregory 11 days ago

All done Jay - good luck to you mate x

Stuart White 11 days ago

Amazing news! All the best Mister Jay

Regan Hall 11 days ago

Amazing odds. Jay's energy is the best. Congratulations!

Peter Simons 11 days ago

Awesome! a visit to VMI isn't complete unless I'm greeted at the door by Jay's massive smile and astonishing efficiency!

Richie McGeary, MCR Operator 11 days ago

Great to see a company like VMI. TV Ltd giving support to this man all the best for the future

Graham Curry 11 days ago

Well done Jay! Amazing news. I was devastated when I heard you’d been diagnosed but so proud how you have fought it. You are an inspiration to us all and genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met in my 11 years in this industry. Remember to enjoy every moment of life in this world. Congratulations and love to you and your family.

Germaine Patrick, 1st Feature Camera Operator CNN 11 days ago

Amen to that

Ben Lancaster, The Progress Film Company 11 days ago

Amazing story.

Daxa & Viru 12 days ago

Hey Jay well done in your perseverance with the dreadful cancer and the tough treatment of chemo. You have manged it very well and come through it. All the family is behind you and very proud of you. God bless you.

Diptesh Patel 12 days ago

As Jay's younger bro up in sunny Middlesbrough can I say a big well done to Jay for beating this horrible disease. Always positive he is and that's why he beat it and his faith in God as Always. Well done

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