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*** CANCELLED *** Full Frame Event, Wed 22 Jan 20, Soho.


*** CANCELLED *** Full Frame Event, Wed 22 Jan 20, Soho.

Date: 22 January 2020

Time: 10am

Location: House of St Barnabus, 1 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4NQ

Cost: nil

  • 10am session FULLY BOOKED
  • 12.30am session FULLY BOOKED
  • 2.30pm session FULLY BOOKED
  • 4.30pm session FULLY BOOKED

***Cancelled due to problem with venue ***

VMI is hosting a one day, Full-Frame event in January 2020 in Soho. The specific aim is to showcase the growing number of Full Frame (FF) lenses from all manufacturers including Canon Sumire, Canon K35, Sigma Classic, Zeiss Supreme, Cooke FF Anamorphic as well as the Full Frame zooms from Angenieux and Fujinon (Premista). 

In order to be able to make informed comparisons between these different lenses, the new Canon C500 MkII cameras which will provide a base ‘level playing field’ to showcase these lenses in a side-by side demonstration and will also enable visitors to experience the extraordinary capabilities of the new Canon C500 MkII camera.  For illustrative and comparative purposes, the Canon L-USM lenses will also be included (to demo the excellent auto-focus capabilities of the C500 MkII) and some other popular cameras as well.

This is a focused event designed to demonstrate and allow a ‘hands on’ appraisal for industry professionals to appraise a new camera system whilst examining the character of a multitude of lenses in a relaxed and visually stimulating environment.

The event is being hosted at The House of St Barnabus at the Soho Square end of Greek St. There will be four, two-hour sessions from 10:00 am on the 22nd Jan and we will be keeping the registration numbers at a level whereby everyone who attends will get a proper ‘hands on’ experience so please do book your place in plenty of time. Refreshments specific to the time of day will be served.

Attendance is free of charge and we look forward to seeing you there.

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