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Sigma Classic Prime Come & Play Day LONDON


Sigma Classic Prime Come & Play Day LONDON

Date: 13 February 2020

Time: 10am

Location: VMI London, Victoria Industrial Estate, Victoria Road, London, W3 6UU

  • 10am session AVAILABLE BOOK NOW
  • 12.30pm session FULLY BOOKED
  • 2.30pm session NEARLY FULL BOOK NOW

Until now, shooting Full Frame (FF) is in a very select group of (rather expensive) cameras but newly released FF cameras make this new format available to everyone.

We found great success with the original Sigma Cine Primes released in 2018 and the release this year of the new Sigma Classic Primes are an important development, as they are built to give the character of vintage lenses, whilst retaining full 4K quality.

Consequently, VMI's 'Come and Play' day is one of a number of dates on the Sigma 2020 roadshow, where you see the latest Sigma Classic FF primes

Experts from Sigma will be on hand to help answer any technical questions which you might have.  

In common with the Canon Sumire lenses, Sigma are manufacturing lenses which concentrate on 'character' so that they flare more and lens aberations have been deliberate created in their design in order to produce a more pleasing look. 

We all really like the images which have warm colour tones with pleasing colourimetry, no perceptable focus breathing, attractive bokehs and a character which we all admire.

We will be also showing the Canon C500 Mk II cameras  at this event as well.

Pre-booking for this event is recommended.

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