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The ARRI AMIRA - What you need to know..

Smaller, lighter, shorter and less expensive than the ARRI Alexa but most unmistakably an ARRI nonetheless - only with Canon EF and B4 Broadcast lens compatibility, enter the ARRI AMIRA.

Jon Fauer of the Film and Digital Times commented that the new ARRI Amira reminded him of the ARRI 16SR — the 16mm documentary camera that launched his career.

For me, ARRI’s new camera represents a change of direction to snap at the heels of the Canon C300 with it’s EOS mount and also for the C300 PL and lower cost Alexa productions with PL – then of course as a solution for documentary productions as well with using these lenses or indeed ARRI’s plans to also fit 2/3” Broadcast HD lenses.

In Jon’s words, the new ARRI Amira is reminiscent of the 16SR for the Alexa age. More info on ARRI’s website.  Fits comfortably on the shoulder, very versatile, comfortable and lightweight.  Most importantly, it is one of the only digital cameras that doesn’t require a cage, rig or a multitude of mods.

VMI have already submitted a firm order for 6 of these cameras to be delivered in early 2014, so watch this space!

ARRI Amiira Summary

The Amira is a "documentary-style" shoulder-mounted camera built around the same sensor as the Alexa and designed for single-operator use. The camera shoots in 1080p HD and 2K at up to 200 fps, claims the same 14-stop dynamic range as the Alexa, and includes pre-loaded looks based on 3D LUTs for in-camera colour grading.

Important changes to the Alexa are that it is significantly shorter and lighter than the Alexa and has a much smaller power draw as well.  Saying that though, it feels like a regular Sony full-size documentary camera and feels very robust with excellent build quality.

It records to a new recording medium – these are just like CF cards but more robust faster versions called “CF Fast cards”, which claim up to 600MB/second read/write speed.  They are also supposed to be cheaper than SxS Pro cards and capable to record 4444 Prores logC at a very impressive 200fps at 2K! (Up to 120GB per card capacity at present and 2 x slots available).

The Amira records Rec. 709 or Log C images in camera to SanDisk's new CFast 2.0 flash memory cards (read on for more on those) using ProRes 422, 422 (LT), 422 (HQ), or 4444 codecs — but not ARRIRAW. This is important, as it shows that the Amira is built for utility and speed in both production and post and won’t compete head-on with ALEXA.  ARRI said it will boot quickly with no set-up tasks or other delays to slow it down in run-and-gun environments and stressed that the Amira has a rugged construction that will be an asset under punishing field conditions.

And ARRI seems to be making sure shooters have options for managing their colour in camera, rather than relying on fiddling in post. In addition to the pre-loaded looks, DPs can load custom LUTs into the camera before the shoot, and 3D LUTs can even be modified during the shoot.

Also on board are motorized ND filters, zebra and false-colour displays, and an advanced peaking function for aiding quick focusing. Both a flip-out LCD monitor and an OLED eyepiece are included.

Prices are now confirmed is as yet undecided but likely to be circa £25K.

By the way, ARRI was a collaborator with SanDisk in the development of that new CFast 2.0 standard, which is being supported on the Alexa, as well, through a just-announced recording adapter for Alexa XT and XR cameras.

The cards, which have a pinless design to reduce the chances of damage on insertion or removal, will ship in 60 GB and 120 GB capacities, and support writing at up to 350 MB/sec — enough to record ProRes 4444 at up to 120 fps. ARRI said CFast 2.0 card recordings, like those on SxS Pro cards, are closed continuously, so if the card is accidentally ejected or power is lost during a recording, the file on the card is not corrupted. 

ARRI's latest Alexa software update (v9.0) enables the higher-speed ProRes recording as well as a ProRes Pre-Recording option that keeps the camera recording in a continuously buffering mode so that nature cinematographers don't miss their shot. Also new is DNxHD 444 support for all DNxHD-licensed cameras, a "self-healing metadata" feature to repair a prematurely closed file an allow the media to be reused, and support for Cooke /i lens data in Alexa Classic cameras with a PL-LDS mount.

Drive the AMIRA using the ARRI AMIRA Simulator




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Barry Bassett 1 year ago

Just for completeness, I can confirm that VMI can now provide the ARRI Amira and Alexa Mini both with PL and also EF lens mounts.

syed afzal ahmed 5 years ago

nice i like dis camera

Barry Bassett 5 years ago

We now have multiple AMIRA cameras in stock for hire with both PL and B4 mounts. We are expecting the EF mount AMIRA to be still some months away from delivery.

Barry Gross 5 years ago

WANNA SEE? With full production models of AMIRA shipping in April, AMIRA will be making her UK debut on Wednesday 23rd April at Dolby in Soho and on Friday 25th April at ARRI’s UK HQ in Uxbridge. To ensure you do not miss this opportunity please RSVP to Siobhan Daly, stating which date and time slot you would like to attend. 23rd April – Dolby, 4 - 6 Soho Square, London W1D 3PZ 11.00 15.00 19.00 25th April – ARRI, 2 Highbridge, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1LX 10.00 15.00 18.00 There will be limited spaces available so to secure your place please RSVP as soon as possible. For more information on AMIRA and all other ARRI products, please visit We look forward to hearing from you. For and on behalf of the ARRI team Milan, David, Mark & Siobhan Copyright © 2014 ARRI CT Ltd, All rights reserved. We are sending you this e-mail as you have expressed an interest in AMIRA Our mailing address is: ARRI CT Ltd 2 Highbridge Oxford Road Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1LX United Kingdom Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences Email Marketing Powered by MailChimp

TrueHostStudios 5 years ago

If only our company had the money!

Mark Dodd 5 years ago

The Amira is marketed as a high-end doc camera where hand-held lens ergonomics are everything. Problem is reviewers miss the fact that servo-zoomable PL mount lenses cost the earth and rent out for £300/day. The Amira is usually pictured with the eye-wateringly pricey Fuji Cabrio lenses. A doc shoot will need 2 zooms for most shoots to cover the limited 35mm zoom range. That's £600/day in lens hire alone. This is beyond the budgets of most doc shoots. You can hire a complete C300 kit with a decent choice of lenses for around £250/day in UK. A typical HD 2/3" broadcast kit comes in at around £350 with 2 zooms. The Amira represents no threats to either of these cases. Arri say that the Amira will have a choice of lens mounts, but is this fixed (like PL of EF with the C300) of can you interchange? Say you opt for a B4 version to use cheaper 2/3" lenses, then are you stuck with using B4 lenses? Then there is the crucial question of image size. Will a B4 mount version use the whole sensor? If not you are back to 2/3" dof characteristics which defeats the object of a S35mm camera. I am not aware of any servo-zoomable hand-held EF mount lenses. The only info I can find from Arri is that the alternative mounts are' in planning'. I would not be rushing out to buy these before checking who my potential hire market is. For docs you are competing with package rates of around £350/day. The Amira is undoubtedly a well-designed camera, but forget the tech spec arguments - unless PL zooms come down hugely in price, OR the mount is truly interchangeable AND when using B4 lenses it has same Dof characteristics as PL lens for same lens angle, I fail to see who will be using it.

Bob Carmichael 6 years ago

You know, if this is the 2014 Arri SR 1 type camera, we NEVER had to say that camera was "single operator" or a documentary camera. It was a 16mm camera and it could and did shot features and great documentaries and many many music videos. So WHY the flagrant push to LIMIT this camera. I want to hear I CAN shot a feature with and that is comes with all the bells and whistles of a production camera. I say LET AMIRA BE AMIRA!!! and let us be EXCITED about it's potential...

Bob Carmichael 6 years ago

I think they should make it a 4K camera and I think it should be adaptable to record ArriRaw. I also don't think it should come with the ENG lens mounted zoom. I want to see Matt Boxes and follow focus. And an intervalometer ...The Fujinon 19-90 is 40K btw... So this is a 100K investment at the end of the day. Why is Arri bent on telling us how to use this camera? I'm not a big fan of one person operation and I don't see News Channels going this direction. It does remind me of my days with SR1, 2, 3. So why not let us decided how to use it?

Barry Bassett, VMI 6 years ago

Some CMOS sensors need it to minimise excessive rolling shutter. Our sensor is designed in such a way we don't need it. Alexa was used on so many projects ending on so many screens and this was never an issue. And with sensor revision allowing 200 fops on Amira it gets even better.

Rabbi Sonenstein III 6 years ago

Does this have a global shutter or is sensor CMOS? Thanks

Mark Dodd 6 years ago

The servo 2/3" lenses are the USP here. Interested to know how this will affect DoF compared to 35mm lenses on this camera. I assume the 2/3" image will use less of the sensor? Or some other optical magic to use the full sensor? What lens is on the image above? Have to say I can't see it competing with the C300..over double the price. Nice bit of kit!

Andrew Stokes 6 years ago

Sounds like Arri are going all out to capture the non-drama , docu-news market! I love the Alexa so this new one can only be good news!

Jamie Hobbis 6 years ago

It was great to see the Amira today at Dolby House. I'm excited to place a firm order as a replacement for my Varicam 3700, however please, please, please provide an intervalometer on this camera. An awful amount of my work includes timelapse; clients love this type of footage. I'd feel as though I'd tripped up before the finish line if I have to buy a Canon 5d just to do timelapse. A big thank you in anticipation! Jamie Hobbis DoP

Marc Shipman-Mueller, ARRI 6 years ago

Can¹t really say except that we reworking on some novel ideas there.

Bary Bassett, VMI 6 years ago

With regard to Amira working with B4 lenses, is ARRI planning a 1:1 crop factor or an optical solution? The 1:1 factor makes more sense for low power consumption and rolling shutter issues.

Marc Shipman-Mueller, Product Manager Camera Systems, A 6 years ago

"ARRI have announced that they do plan a B4 2/" mount for this camera but it has not been prioritised to be available when the camera goes to market early next year, which is a shame!² That is not correct. Given the target market for AMIRA we have prioritized the B4 mount pretty high, and the plan is to ship it together with the first cameras next year. Marc Shipman-Mueller, Product Manager Camera Systems, ARRI

Bary Bassett, VMI 6 years ago

A bit early to say on rates but I would think in the £300ish per day area. It is hard, as ARRI have yet to announce a formal price! Barry

Ryan 6 years ago

Any thoughts on rental prices? Thanks

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