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Shooting 4K slow motion on a Sony FS-700 Coming soon

Sony's FS-700 will permit slow motion ramping in 4K and 2K to 240fps using RAW with IF5 interface  and AXS-R5 external recorder (release date Summer 2013).

The Sony FS-700 only permits shooting 21-28Mb/second on internal card storage using the AVCHD video codec.  Whilst you can record Broadcast 50Mb/second using a suitable external recorder (such as PIX240/Ki Pro mini for example, you have been limited to only the internal storage and limited data rate for slow-motion ramped video.

The PIX-240 (or any other 3G recorder) presently will allow you to record up to 50p in 4:2:2 HQ.  This requires you to buffer the variable frame-rate first and then play out to the external recorder, providing you are working in 1920x1080/50p mode. 

However, if you want to record in a high bandwidth, high frame rate mode, there has been no way to record this media with the FS-700...

Summer 2013 however sees the release of the Sony HXR-IF5 which will dock to the Sony FS-700 and permit the integrated AXS-R5 recorder as a single piece integrated camcorder. 

The camera will need the new firmware to be installed which is yet to be released but once installed, we are reliably informed by Sony that this combination will permit:

As there is only a single 3G SDI connection between the FS700 and IF5 interface, we are given to understand that there is a higher level of compression is used on the RAW data stream.

It’s worth noting that the same restrictions apply with the new Convergent Design recorder – which creates Cinema DNG and DPX files.  Only the 2K is stored as RAW, the 4K is de-bayered then stored.

AJA are also working on supporting this workflow – 3G SDI connection, de-bayer and then store in 4K ProRes.

More on this as we learn it!

Barry Bassett, VMI 18 April 13


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