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Until now, the problem has been that you could not shoot with any small cameras for HD acquisition for any HD Broadcaster for quality considerations but this has all changed with the introduction of the external Nano Flash Recorder when used with small HD Camcorders.


A major development recently is that you can now shoot with a Sony EX-3 using an externally mounted HD recorder (Nano Flash) recording a higher bit-rate which satisfies the stringent HD acquisition requirements from Sky HD, Discovery HD, CHannel 4 etc. This means that you can shoot using the EX-3 with this on-board recorder and stay within the rules.

The NanoFlash recorder records from the HD-SDI output of the camera using a 50Mb/s HD XDCAM codec (licenced from Sony) which satisfies the stringent HD acquisition requirements from all of the HD Broadcasters, as it is the same data format as the higher cost PDW-700 XDCAM HD Camcorders, so your edit systems will think that you have shot using this format.

Nano Flash on-board HD solid-state Recorder

The NanoFlash from Convergent Design is a portable, solid state HD recorder/player. Recording to MXF or QuickTime format using 2 x CompactFlash cards, the NanoFlash can be mounted to a camera or connected to any HD-SDI source via BNC coax.

Trigger Operation

You can either use this as an external recorder by pressing the start/stop button to commence/halt recording, or set this up to monitor timecode changes, so that it automatically starts and stops when the camera records to its own internal cards, for seamless integrated operation or using an external trigger.

Powering Options

We find that it is more convenient to power both the camera and external NanoFlash recorder from one power source, so VMI have pioneered a custom-mount to allow the world-class Anton Bauer battery systems to work with the Sony EX/3 and simultaneously power the NanoFlash, whilst helping to counter balance the camera for easier shoulder-mount operation.

Data Workflow

Finally, simply transfer the source files to your laptop editor using a Firewire-800 reader. Drop the footage straight onto the timeline and edit while you continue to shoot..... Your edit system will assume that you are shooting with XDCAM HD and you can be confident that you are enjoying simple workflow, low cost acquisition and remain legal, whilst shooting with a small camera!

With no moving parts and low power consumption, the Flash XDR is ideal for use in extreme conditions.


  • Capture the never compressed HD-SDI Output using a world-class 4:2:2 full raster (1920x1080i/p) MPEG2 Codec at bit-rates of up to 160Mbps, or I-Frame only bit-rates up to 220Mbps.
  • Maintain outstanding video quality - benefit from the virtual elimination of motion-artifacts, mosquito noise and keying problems. Master Quality 100 Mbps XDCAM 422 recordings are, in tests by Convergent-Design, visually indistinguishable from uncompressed.
  • 2 Professional balanced audio inputs - superb 24-bit uncompressed audio (mic or line input, with optional +48V phantom power)
  • 2 CompactFlash slots for recording media
  • 2.4 hours of recording time without swapping cards @100Mbps (using 4 x 32Gb CompactFlash cards)
  • Quicktime and MXF File Format for easy transfer to leading NLE programs, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Edius and Vegas Pro. All the benefits of a tapeless workflow, including instant review, fast downloads and metadata support.
  • Camera mountable, silent, ALL solid state design
  • Robust and lightweight, weighing just 600g
  • Low power, 10 Watts, using industry standard four pin XLR connector. Ideal for extreme conditions.

VMI supplies the NanoFlash with 2 x 32Gb flash cards (2 hrs of 50Mb XDCAM 4:2:2 material capacity)plus EX-3 mount/ hotshoe mount or 15mm bars mount.

VMI will hire the Nano Flash unit as dry hire - please note following optional mounts are additional:

Nano/EX-3 custom mount

There is no charge for this mount but you will need to hire an Anton Bauer Power kit at £10 per day (double batt) or £20 per day (5 x batt kit), so that the EX-3 and Nano Flash can be powered simultaneously and this also helps to counter balance the weight of the camera and recording unit.

Nano/EX1 Hawkwoods adapter

This adapter clips onto the Sony EX-1 camera and allows 2 x Sony EX-1 batteries to be fitted simultanously and power both the camera and Nano Flash.

There is no charge for this adapter if the Nano Flash unit is hired from VMI

The Flash from Convergent Design is a portable, solid state HD recorder/player. Recording to MXF or QuickTime format using 2 x CompactFlash cards, the NanoFlash can be mounted to a camera or connected to any HD-SDI source via BNC coax.


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