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As well as award-winning camera, lighting and grip rental, our network of freelancers enables us to offer full locations filming packages on every format from entry-level cameras to Alexa Mini LF, complete with comprehensive sound, grip and lighting.

We mostly work with creative DP, Gerard Botha, with whom we have worked together for 20+ years and as each production is unique, so is every crew and production kit complement, so each job is priced separately.

Please contact us with your production needs and he will prepare a bespoke solution and quote for you.

About Gerard

Gerard’s career in the visual arts started long before he became a professional Cinematographer. What began as a passion for photography and sketching gradually led him into the art of cinematography, working through the tough apprenticeship of both film and digital cameras, and he hasn’t stopped filming since.

His first first big break came in 1992 in South Africa as a runner  – I worked through the ranks as Clapper Loader, then Focus Puller followed by Camera Operator, to finally become a Lighting Cameraman or DOP. Experimenting with creative ideas and new techniques is what drives him to develop and expand my skills each and every day. This passion for filming together with my collaboration working with VMI for 20 years helped him develop and train other individuals into the film industry.

Gerard has been settled in the UK since 2006 and has a British Passport, so can travel easily for International projects.  

Contact Details

Contact Gerard Botha: 07772 730182

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