Awards & Recognition

VMI is well known for its client experience and award-winning culture.

On Earth Day 2024, Ecologi awarded VMI a Gold Award for its carbon reduction achievements. VMI invested in Ecologi’s CO2 offset programs in Brazil and Morocco and in doing so, achieved Albert-Approved Carbon-Neutrality. This award was based on accurately measured carbon footprints, reduction targets, and funding impactful climate projects relative to business turnover in the previous year.


We’re proud of the many awards we’ve won for our incredible client service as well as being a certified ‘Great Place to Work’.  VMI won a special commendation at the 2023 West London Business Awards for Park Royal Company of the recognising our industry contribution to sustainability and previously won us the Hero of Net Zero award by the UK Government at COP26 in November 2021.

VMI was named “Hero of Net Zero” by the UK Government at COP26 for sustainability efforts. Over 160 businesses joined the UK Business Climate Hub, pledging to achieve net zero by 2030.

VMI.TV, a Bristol and London camera rental company, won for taking responsibility for their sectors environmental impact, spreading the sustainability message as founding members of the Bectu’s-Film-For-Future group


Having achieved a Great Place To Work certification for VMI in 2021, we were invited to enter into the UK’s Greatest Workplace Awards and unexpectedly made the top 100. VMI is now officially ranked 62 of the UK Best Workplaces Award for 2022

VMI won two prestigious awards at the 2022 West London Business Awards, recognising the actions and leadership of VMI and its Managing Director in galvanizing the industry around net zero targets. Read More

In 2022, VMI was named a local ‘Climate Leader’ by Ealing Council for its climate reduction efforts, securing a grant to establish a sustainable lighting division. This initiative aims to offer energy-efficient alternatives to industry professionals, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of film production.

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