VMI is voted one of the UK’s Best Workplaces

Having achieved a Great Place To Work certification for VMI in 2021, which required 75% of our employees to independently rate VMI as a GPTW, we actually achieved greater than a 90% figure (actually, we achieved 96%) and were invited to complete a culture audit in order to enter us into the UK’s Greatest Workplace Awards.

Without any expectation, we did this and unexpectedly made the top 100 of greatest places to work in the UK in the annual competition in April 2022! and are now officially rated with a UK Best Workplaces Award for 2022 (rank 62)

They were so impressed with our application, that we have received automatic entry into next year’s competition too!

The Best Workplaces™ Programme enables organisations to celebrate their achievements, build their employer brand and inspire others to take action.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place To Work® began with an unexpected discovery. In 1981, a New York editor asked two business journalists – Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz – to write a book called The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. Though the pair were sceptical they could find 100 companies that would qualify, they agreed, starting a journey that would lead to more than 30 years of researching, recognising and building great workplaces.

These insights led to the founding of Great Place to Work Institute. Business leaders around the world adopted the Institute’s models and methodology as a valuable way to measure and create great workplaces. Today it operates in over 50 countries. Great Place to Work came to the UK in 2000.


They help organisations create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued. We help employers improve recruitment, retention and productivity by putting employees at the heart of the organisation, analysing what they think and feel and identifying the real issues that need to be addressed. Part of a global organisation, we apply data and insights from approximately 10,000 organisations across the world to benchmark individual performance and advise employers on how to continuously improve employee engagement.

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