VMI Cuts Carbon Emissions for Third Year by 36% on 2022

VMI recently celebrated a significant achievement in its sustainability journey, as revealed in its latest carbon audit by Creative Zero.

After three years of dedicated efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, VMI surpassed expectations with a remarkable 36% reduction in its operational carbon footprint in 2023 compared to 2022.

VMI’s carbon emissions have actually decreased by more than half from its new 2021 base year of 213T to 78T in 2023. These numbers, meticulously calculated in accordance with SBTi guidelines, reflect VMI’s dedication to surpassing industry standards and driving meaningful change in sustainability practices.

Is 4K or 6K Enough.  Do we even need 8K or more?

This article aims to explore that there are further considerations to make when considering the image size and CODEC, which means more data, more transfer time, more media resource and in post, more render time, ultimately costing production more money.  However, there is also a sustainability argument which becomes relevant, since more data also means more energy usage and a greater carbon footprint.

Easyrig – all you need to know

This is a short article to explain the principles behind the Easyrig concept and to introduce the product range of models with advice to their suitability for various camera configurations.

Power to the People

You can have the best camera kit in the world but if you can’t power it because your batteries have failed you, then you are really stuck. This article explores the battery standards which exist today and how to make the most out of every type of technology.

Sustainable Film Competition

CALLING ALL SUSTAINABLY MINDED FILMMAKERS! 2023 was a difficult year for our industry, to get 2024 started on the right note, VMI and Sustainable Film are offering 2 productions the … Read more

VMI Price Match – You won’t hire it cheaper. Full Stop.

Find a better price elsewhere?  Just send us a competitor’s quote and we will match it.  You will also help to save the planet, since we are the only Albert Certified Carbon Neutral rental company.

VMI Price Match commitment – we will price match against any other UK Rental company, subject to availability.

Shooting Anamorphic in Full Frame and S-35

Everyone appreciates the cinematic quality of shooting anamorphic.

With the popularity of Full Frame, it made sense for VMI to make more options available for capturing in both anamorphic and Frame. This is a new article to explore these options.

VMI Open House Event… In Pictures

With the degree of weirdness for 2023 being off the weirdness scale, we decided to host an ‘Open House’ in September for our clients and it was a great success with lots of new and existing kit on show. Here is the story… in pictures!

VMI Publishes Sustainability Film

VMI publishes a short film to show our approach to sustainability and how we have reengineered our business to become an Albert-approved Carbon-Neutral rental company since 2022. We know that … Read more

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