5 years of Wellness Days at VMI

As a monthly treat, VMI arranges for a masseuse to visit VMI in Acton on the last Tuesday of the month to give a personal massage to consenting staff. It … Read more

VMI Website History – 1995-2023

Few will realise that VMI’s website is now on its 5th version and thanks to Google’s cache facility, we can share some of these versions with you to show you how our website has evolved.

Vintage Lenses are Still Cool

To reflect that VMI’s wide range of vintage and vintage-look lenses, we have redefined the vintage category on our website to now includes 14 different types of sets of Vintage/Vintage-look … Read more

Bristol’s 1st EV arrives

The supply chain issues post-COVID has meant that Bristol has been waiting a full year for their first of two EV to arrive with their electric van expected to arrive … Read more


Is This the End of 8K TVs?

8K TVs are so power-hungry, that they are now about to be banned from the European Union, so does this mean that the quest for higher and higher resolution monitors will now cease?

My private 4K TV is in the A+ efficiency category but 8K sets are currently classed as G, so is 8K doomed?

It all started with a comment…

It all started with a comment back in 2018: Like many companies, VMI regularly engaged in customer questionnaires seeking feedback on product and service and like any company there will … Read more

How A Supportive Team Say Farewell

Many people have described working at VMI as feeling a bit like being in a family (without the seasonal discord bit at Christmas…). Well, we think that this is quite … Read more

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