VMI’s Scalable Portable AC Power Station

Without local site power or polluting generators, until now, your options were limited.  Either you could use portable battery stations with limited capacity or expensive, heavy systems, (some were so large, that they were built into a trailer).  However a new cost-effective modular and scalable option now exists, which uses small, portable battery power stations connected to a hotswap device featuring an auto changeover feature to offer uninterrupted power across multiple batteries to extend their performance.

Power to the People

You can have the best camera kit in the world but if you can’t power it because your batteries have failed you, then you are really stuck. This article explores the battery standards which exist today and how to make the most out of every type of technology.


Is This the End of 8K TVs?

8K TVs are so power-hungry, that they are now about to be banned from the European Union, so does this mean that the quest for higher and higher resolution monitors will now cease?

My private 4K TV is in the A+ efficiency category but 8K sets are currently classed as G, so is 8K doomed?

Brand New VMEDIA on-line database V2

With so many different recording formats, memory card types, media sizes, compatibility issues and upgrade requirements, it can be a challenge trying to find compatible memory cards or SSDs for your camera or recorder.

However, Lewis has been extremely hard at work to make this easier for you with the VMEDIA Online Database V2 which is organised into the most popular brands and sortable by camera model, which gives details on compatibility, data rates and approximate recording times too

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