Brand New VMEDIA on-line database V2

With so many different recording formats, memory card types, media sizes, compatibility issues and upgrade requirements, it can be a challenge trying to find compatible memory cards or SSDs for your camera or recorder.

Then it can be even more challenging to work out how much recording time you will have.

The original database has grown and grown with the explosion of newly released camera models and also the development of new media standards too and this is made even more complex by specific image sizes, codecs and frame rates requiring data cards with particular speed and read/write specifications…

However, Lewis has been extremely hard at work to make this easier for you.

We proudly release the VMEDIA Online Database V2 which is organised into the most popular brands and sortable by camera model. 

Click on the relevant camera or recorder for details on compatible memory cards & SSDs, data rates and approximate recording times and there is even a link to be able to hire the correct media too, in case you need more storage.

Visit VMEDIA Online Database V2

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