Is 4K or 6K Enough.  Do we even need 8K or more?

This article aims to explore that there are further considerations to make when considering the image size and CODEC, which means more data, more transfer time, more media resource and in post, more render time, ultimately costing production more money.  However, there is also a sustainability argument which becomes relevant, since more data also means more energy usage and a greater carbon footprint.

Brand New VMEDIA on-line database V2

With so many different recording formats, memory card types, media sizes, compatibility issues and upgrade requirements, it can be a challenge trying to find compatible memory cards or SSDs for your camera or recorder.

However, Lewis has been extremely hard at work to make this easier for you with the VMEDIA Online Database V2 which is organised into the most popular brands and sortable by camera model, which gives details on compatibility, data rates and approximate recording times too

Shallow DoF for Streaming

A shallow Depth of Field can reduce the bandwidth requirement of video, which is good for the internet.We wanted to test this theory and this article explores this idea and concludes that you can save around 10% bandwidth by shooting with a large sensor camera compared with a small sensor camera, as the shallow depth of field means that you capture only the bits that you want in fine detail and as background is defocused.

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