Mid-range cameras don’t mean compromise

At VMI we’ve noticed a recent trend among filmmakers and wondered if you agree? We’ve spotted that a significant number of productions are ‘trading down’ from using traditional top of the range cine-cameras like ARRI Alexa Mini/LF or Sony Venice to instead using mid-range cameras, like Sony FX-6, FX-9, Canon C300 Mk III and Canon C500 Mk II etc.

The reason? We think producers (or rather DPs) have realised that they can achieve similar production values by using mid-range cameras whilst saving budget on camera hire.

2019 Camera Comparison Chart

A very useful chart including all current HD and 4K cameras in a table and compariring useful data including image size, latitude, pixel resolution power consumption etc.Compiled by Tom Fletcher and Gary Adcock with information gathered from numerous conversations with various cinematographers, colorists, colleagues and manufacturers. and reproduced with kind permission from Tom Fletcher

Alexa Mini or Amira – which should I choose?

This is a short article to highlight the differences and similarities between the two cameras in order to assist VMI clients in making sensible and informed choices about which system would be most suitable for a given project.

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