Netflix Approved UHD 4K cameras

Netflix 4K UHD

Here is a list of Netflix approved UHD cameras as of 15 February 2021.

Netflix call this the Post Technology Alliance Program

Cameras which presently quality for image data, or metadata from production through post is a candidate for the Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo.

Products bearing this logo are evaluated and tested to ensure they meet our technical and workflow requirements, and the manufacturers of participating products are committed to providing the highest level of innovation, support and customer service.

There have been some changes here and all of the new Canon EOS C300 Mark III & Mark II, C500 Mark II & C500, C700FF & C700 Digital Cinema Cameras as well as Sony PMW-F5, PXW-FS7, PXW-FS7M2, PXW-FX9 & FX6 cameras are included, as well as the PMW-F55, F65 & VENICE Motion picture camera too. Netflix have also passed the HDC-4300, PXW-Z450, PXW-Z750 cameras too.

As expected, the ARRI LF, Mini LF and Alexa 65 are still the only ARRI cameras approved on this list are the – sorry ARRI fans but still no Alexa Mini here and of course the full RED complement.

Also worthy of note is Netflix’s decision to approve the new S1H camera, as well as existing Varicam and EVA1s too.

Netflix Approved cameras which VMI stock include

Full list here

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