VMI wins Gold Award for 2023 Carbon Reduction from Ecologi

Ecologi announced on Earth Day (22 April), that their judging panel had awarded VMI with a Gold Award for its carbon reduction successes.

Ecologi is a passionate climate platform, who works with Albert to deliver CO2 offset programmes, including schemes in Brazil and Morocco, which VMI have invested in, to achieve Albert-Approved Carbon-Neutrality

Calculated footprint 

Businesses who demonstrate that they have accurately measured and assessed their carbon footprint last year either with Ecologi Zero, one of Ecologi’s strategic consultancy partners such as Eight Versa, or published a verifiable Greenhouse Gas Protocol-compliant footprint. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to get a handle on their emissions and set a baseline for their net zero journey. 

Awarded based on: Reporting and communication of the measured footprint(s) in the 2023 calendar year.

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Reduction targets set

Businesses who have established and published goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. These must be specific targets or goals intended to have an impact on the business’s emissions – for example having set validated Science-based Targets (or having set SBTs which are awaiting validation). Other non-SBT reduction targets are applicable – provided the business can provide evidence that they are robust, evidence-based, specific and ambitious.

Awarded based on: Evidence of publication in 2023 of clear and well-defined strategies for achieving those emissions reductions.

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Reduced emissions achieved

Businesses who can demonstrate reductions in business emissions. This can be demonstrated through evidenced reductions in either absolute or relative emissions, though whether absolute or relative should be coherent with the business’s reduction goals previously set.

Awarded based on: Evidence through published footprints reports before and after the decarbonisation interventions were placed in the 2023 calendar year.

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Funded climate action

Businesses who have funded substantial diverse and impactful climate projects and portfolios with Ecologi including carbon avoidance, carbon removals and nature based solutions.

Awarded based on: Level of climate funding and relative ratio to business turnover in the 2023 calendar year.

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