VMI Cuts Carbon Emissions for Third Year by 36% on 2022

In its latest carbon audit conducted by Creative Zero, VMI proudly announced a significant achievement in its sustainability journey. After three consecutive years of dedicated efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, VMI has surpassed expectations by achieving a remarkable 36% reduction in its operational carbon footprint in 2023 compared to the 2022, which is a testament to VMI’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and underscores the company’s dedication to making a positive impact on the planet.

VMI’s footprint, including all other relevant scope 3 emissions but without Capital Expenditure is 77.8T CO2e.2 (2022 – 120T CO2e)

77.8T CO2e is the equivalent of:

  • 153 return economy class flights from London to Barcelona,
  • OR driving a petrol car from Lands End to John O’Groats and back 114 times,
  • OR the average person living in the UK for 6 years.

Breaking Down the Numbers: Comparing the data from 2023 with the revised base year of 2021, the impact of VMI’s sustainability efforts becomes even more apparent. From 213T in 2021, VMI’s carbon emissions plummeted to 78T in 2023, marking an astounding reduction of 50.7%. These numbers, meticulously calculated in accordance with SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative) guidelines, reflect VMI’s dedication to surpassing industry standards and driving meaningful change.

This holistic approach underscores VMI’s commitment to addressing emissions across all facets of its operations, demonstrating a multifaceted strategy towards environmental responsibility.

Implications and Future Outlook: VMI’s success in curbing carbon emissions not only showcases the tangible results of its sustainability initiatives but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for others within the industry. By setting ambitious targets, leveraging innovative solutions, and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, VMI exemplifies how businesses can thrive while prioritizing planet-friendly practices. Looking ahead, VMI remains steadfast in its mission to continue reducing its carbon footprint, exploring new avenues for sustainability, and leading by example in the global fight against climate change.

Conclusion: In a world where environmental challenges loom large, VMI’s achievement stands as a testament to the power of collective action and unwavering commitment to a greener future. As VMI celebrates its remarkable carbon reduction journey, it not only redefines corporate responsibility but also ignites hope for a more sustainable tomorrow. With each milestone reached and every carbon emission mitigated, VMI paves the way for a world where businesses thrive in harmony with nature, proving that sustainability is not just a goal but a fundamental imperative for generations to come.

Download Full 2023 Carbon Audit

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