The Winners Announced – Sustainable Film Competition

With the backdrop of a challenging year in 2023 for the film industry, VMI and Sustainable Film arranged a competition to offer two productions the opportunity to win camera and grip equipment for free. The focus was on films with sustainability messages or female-led crew, promoting inclusivity and environmental consciousness. After a rigorous judging process, the winners were announced in two categories: “She’s Got This” and “Sustainability Film.”

The quality of the entrants was superb and there were a great many applications with truly unique ideas, so the it was difficult to decide on a winner, however, execs at VMI and Sustainable Film all were able to vote in order to agree on a winner.

So after a hotly contested competition, the judging is over and we are excited to announce the two winners.

“She’s Got This” Category

The “She’s Got This” category required the project to have a majority of females in key HOD (Head of Department) positions.

Shortlisted were:

  • 1st Place: “Washing Away” (20 points)
  • 2nd Place: “Buhe” (11 points)
  • 2nd Place: “Elephant’s Reunited” (11 points)

The winner was “Washing Away”, won by Director/Producer, Sophie Nielsen.   This light-hearted, warm, and humorous 15-20 minute documentary captures the connections formed inside London’s last remaining laundrettes. The crew comprise a mainly female-led team and highlights the importance of community spaces in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Sustainability Film Category

The highly contested Sustainability Film category required on-screen content showcasing sustainability themes again had some very good applicants.

Shortlisted were:

  • 1st Place: “Greensleeves” (27 points)
  • 2nd Place: “Elephant’s Reunited” (12 points)
  • 3rd Place: “Office Plant” (9 points)

The winner was “Greensleeves” by Guy Taylor of Gatton Films. This is a short film to critically examine the harsh reality of greenwashing in corporate culture. It follows eco-influencer Fleur as she attends the launch of her new ‘green’ brand deal and encounters the truth behind the corporate machine. “Greensleeves” eloquently highlights the ethical challenges faced by those striving for sustainability.

Prizes for the Winners

The winners of both categories will receive up to four weeks of rental for camera and grip equipment from VMI’s stock. Alongside the equipment, they will also benefit from a Production Carbon Footprint analysis from Sustainable Film, ensuring sustainable production practices are implemented. In addition, the winners will receive expert guidance and production sustainability advice to further enhance their commitment to environmental consciousness.

In Conclusion

The Sustainable Film Competition 2024 winners’ announcement marks a significant milestone in supporting and recognizing films that promote sustainability and inclusivity. With “Washing Away” and “Greensleeves” showcasing powerful narratives, these films exemplify the creative potential for storytelling while addressing crucial environmental and social issues. Through the provision of camera and grip equipment, carbon footprint analysis, and sustainable production advice, VMI and Sustainable Film are fostering a legacy of responsible filmmaking that inspires positive change in the industry and beyond.

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