In order to help other rental companies to adopt the same initiatives which VMI have found, here are the details of the VMI Sourced bio degradable paper cable labels and bio-degradable plastic tubing which we use.

Bio-degradable recycled paper Cable Labels

To avoid putting cables into plastic, instead we have paper labels printed onto recycled paper by Avery WePrint and seal coiled cables with a paper label.

We can immediately see if the cable has been used and requires testing and clients have the same confidence that a cable has been tested if the seal is in tact.

All ordering is online but they have a helpful advise line who can assist you when making an order.

VMI Order Details

These are the details of our first order with Avery WePrint in April 2019.

  • Avery WePrint
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Paper material : recycled paper
  • Size: 100x20mm matt (note that this is a custom size)
  • Finish: Matt
  • SKU: W30-REC-100×20-R-M-S
  • Order quantity: 8,000
  • Cost (as of April 2019): £325+VAT

Bio-degradable Plastic Tubing

Polybags supply VMI with OXO DEGRADEABLE (2% addative) plastic tubing which degrades fully inside 6 months in regular bio degradable waste.

This is how the plastic breaks down:

The plastic is very thin: 30mu, so I suspect that the environmental impact of these plastic sleeves is very small and perhaps smaller than what was being proposed, as the sleeves that I saw yesterday included adhesive backing and a removeable backing label too, all of which will be discarded.

These are the details of our first order with Polybags in April 2019.

  • 34.85kg (2999.86m) – 5 x Roll of 6.97kg (599.97m)
  • 58.09kg (5000.3m) – 10 x Roll of 5.81kg (500.03m)
  • Metric Size: 210mm x 30mu
  • Imperial Size: 8.3″ x 120g
  • Open Width: 210mm (8.3″)
  • Thickness: 30mu (120g)
  • Masterbatch: Not selected
  • Printing: 2 colours
  • Print Repeat Length: 300 mm
  • Coverage: 50% on both sides
  • Photo-Realistic: No
  • Perforations: None
  • Tolerance: Standard
  • Roll Type: LFT
  • Roll Core: Cardboard
  • Transit: Auto
  • Delivery: UNITED KINGDOM

My contact at Polybags is:

Nicola Parperi
Account Manager
DD: 020 8832 8672
Tel: 0845 200 2828

My order quantity was for 6 rolls of Layflat Plastic biodegradable tubing: 184mm x 32mu (7.2″ x 128g). Each 5.5kg (506.56m). Printed 2 colours on one side.

The cost in April 2019 was £304.80 plus a one-off print plate cost (2 @ £16.56 per plate).

I expect this to last us for at least a year and was cautious that we didn’t make an order too large, so that the layflat plastic tubing could degrade too much in our storeroom.

Please note that ALL biodegradable material can degrade under regular atmospheric conditions and exposed to the environment, so be careful when making your first order to avoid unnecessary wastage.

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