Camera kits

Equipment List - HD ENG/Video Style Zooms

Canon HJ14Ex4.3B IRSD HDXS

Canon HJ14Ex4.3B ENG/Video Style wide angle lens with built-in x2 Extender. Range 4.3-60mm

Canon HJ18Ex28B IASE

Canon HJ18Ex28 E Ultra Telephoto Zoom lens provides with built-in x2 Extender.  Range 18-500mm

Canon HJ22Ex7.6B IRSE

Canon HJ22Ex7.6 ENG/Video Style Zoom lens with 2x Extender.  Range: 7.6x167mm

Canon HJ40x10B IASD-V

Canon HJ40-10B IASD-V HDTV Zoom lens with built-in x2 Extender.  Built in image stabiliser. Range 14-560mm

Canon B4 ENG Zoom Pair: HJ22Ex7.6 and HJ14x4.3 B4

Canon B4 ENG Zoom Pair:  HJ22Ex7.6 and HJ14x4.3 B4 

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