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Equipment List - HD/4K Video Style Zooms (B4 Mount)

Canon CJ45EX13.6 B IASE-V H (B4 mount)

The ultimate wildlife and live-sports lens.  This very long, stabilised  45x zoom lens achieves optimum UHD 4K optical performance B4 format. Convenient operation and lightweight portability are allied with an impressive 45x zoom ratio and includes built-in x2 Extender.  Built in image stabiliser. Range 14-560mm

UHD 45x B4 zoom with built-in stabilisation

Canon HJ40x10B IASD-V (B4 Mount)

Canon HJ40-10B IASD-V HDTV Zoom lens with built-in x2 Extender.  Built in image stabiliser. Range 14-560mm

Canon HJ22Ex7.6B IRSE (B4 Mount)

Canon HJ22Ex7.6 ENG/Video Style Zoom lens with 2x Extender.  Range: 7.6x167mm

Canon HJ18Ex28B IASE (B4 Mount)

Canon HJ18Ex28 E Ultra Telephoto Zoom lens provides with built-in x2 Extender.  Range 18-500mm

Canon HJ14Ex4.3B IRSD HDXS (B4 Mount)

Canon HJ14Ex4.3B ENG/Video Style wide angle lens with built-in x2 Extender. Range 4.3-60mm

Canon B4 ENG Zoom Pair: HJ22Ex7.6 and HJ14x4.3 (B4 Mount)

Canon B4 ENG Zoom Pair:  HJ22Ex7.6 and HJ14x4.3 B4 

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