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Equipment List - Mini Converters/Engineering

Downconverter Decimator II Downconverter (HDSDI - HDMI HDSDI - Composite)

HD-SDI - HDMI and HD-SDI to Composite Downconverter suitable for RED and other cameras. This is 12V powerable and gives a composite output.

Decimator II Downconverter

Downconverter AJA HD10MD3

HD-SDI - Composite Downconverter suitable for RED and other cameras. This is 12V powerable and gives a composite output.

AJA HD Downconverter HD10MD3

Blackmagic HD-SDI Audio Embedder

HD-SDI Audio Embedder for inserting audio into an HD-SDI video feed. Compatible with stereo analogue XLR or AES digital audio feeds.


Blackmagic HDMI-HDSDI Converter

Mini Converter HDMI to SDI is ideal for converting from HDMI devices to SDI video with the choice to embed SDI audio from HDMI, AES/EBU or balanced analog audio inputs.


Decimator Design HD Quad Split Device

The Decimator-Quad is a miniature 3G/HD/SD-SDI 4 to 1 Quad Split device for displaying 4 x HD or SDI feeds to one HD or HDMI display.

Down Converter with 4 to 1 input multi-plexer.

AJA Hi5-3D Mini-Converter For Stereo 3D Monitoring

Mini converter allowing 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI 1.4a and SDI converter enables simple 3D playback on monitors and projectors.

AJA Hi5-3D Mini-Converter For Stereo 3D Monitoring

AJA HD/SD 1:6 HD-SDI Dist Amp

The HD-10DA is a miniature 1x6 SD/HD (dual-rate) re-clocking distribution amplifier. Featuring six separately buffered HD-SDI outputs. It provides automatic input cable re-clocking and equalization to 125 meters.


LMP HD-SDI Repeater

Miniature 1-2 HD-SDI re-clocker/distributor for extending HD-SDI signals reliably

A 2 HD

Colorado Image Reverser/Inverter

Composite Image Reverser/Inverter.

Video Mirror

Edirol VC-300HD Up/Down/Cross Converter

The Edirol VC-300HD is a versatile bi-directional multi-format converter with built-in audio delay and HDMI compatibility.

Frame Synchroniser/Up/Down/Cross Converter

HDMI 2 Way Splitter

2 Way HDMI Splitter to allow DSLR Cameras to output to two different HDMI monitors

AJA Io XT Thunderbolt Device

The AJA Io XT is a capture and monitoring device using lightning-fast thunderbolt for video capture and playback for professional post production, video internet streaming and on-set applications.

AJA Io XT Thunderbolt device for monitoring and editing

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