Alan Gordon Director’s Viewfinder (TEWE)



Alan Gordons Director's Viewfinder accurately defines choice of lenses, angles and coverage in a wide variety of formats for both film and video. It enables filmmakers to communicate their visions to each other quickly and with complete accuracy, allowing the time saved to be used on the art of filmmaking.

Alan Gordon

Zoom ratio ring 12:1
Zoom range – Film 16mm film: 8.5-100mm
Super 16 film: 10.5- 125mm
35mm film: 18-200mm
35 Anamorphic film: 35-420mm
Zoom range – Video 2/3″ video: 8.5-75mm
Available aspect ratios 1.33:1 standard TV, 16×9 HDTV, 1.85:1 standard 35mm ratio and 2.40:1 anamorphic wide screen
Construction 6 Glass Elements
Director's Viewfinder (TEWE)

Peli Case: 24 x 20 x 12cm 1.35kg

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