ARRI MB18 4×5.65 Prod. Matte Box

Matte Box


ARRI MB-18 is a full production swing-away Matte Box and comes with two sliding trays and one geared tray.



Filter Size

PV (5.65" x 4")

All 3 are vertical 4×5.650 format.

Only Available for 19mm support (no 15mm support possible). The Lens Bellows Rings and adapter rings that fit the MB-18 also work with the MB-19, MB-20 and MB-20II.

The filter stage is fitted with a rear receptacle for 138 mm diameter filter rings for one 138 mm round filter.

Selection of 138mm filters available

ARRI MB-18 Matte Box
2 x PV Filter Tray 4"X5.65" (Landscape)
Filter Tray 4"X5.65" Geared
Side Flag (Left) MB18
Side Flag (Right) MB18
Filter Tray Whip
Donut 80mm For MB-18/19/20
Donut 95mm For MB-18/19/20
Donut 98mm For MB-18/19/20
Donut 100mm For MB18/19/20
Donut 110mm For MB18/19/20
Donut 114mm For MB18/19/20
Donut 130mm For MB-18/19/20
French Flag Bar For MB18
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 18-20
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 24-28
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 32
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 35-40
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 50-65
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 18 85-180
Top Flag MB-18

Available upon request:
PV Filter Tray 5.65"X5.65" For Vertical PV (Portrait)
MB-18 2 stage Filter back (138mm Diameter)

Arri MB18 Flight Case 50x50x30cm  13.50kg

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