Boom Buddy Mic Holder


The Boom-Buddy enables single man crews and Sound Recordists to use a microphone boom on a lighting stand. Fast set up time and less kit to carry. With the Boom-Buddy, your microphone boom pole is gently held in the cradle with no clamping mechanism to cause damage. Boom-Buddy eliminates operator fatigue during long interviews etc.

The Boom-Buddy is a must for one-man video operators!

The Boom-Buddy enables location Sound Recordists to change from hand held microphone boom operation to a static situation within seconds without re-rigging microphone or cables

No need to carry dedicated mic. stands, lazy arms or weights
The boom is gently held in the cradle with no clamping mechanism to cause damage
The design allows the Boom-Buddy to be used inverted so it can be clamped to scenery or even trees where a stand would be impractical to use.

Boom  Mic Supplied separately.

  • The boom can be fitted into the Boom-Buddy in seconds without the need to re-rig
  • Lightweight all-in-one design
  • Any lighting stand with a 16mm spigot can be used or a conventional mic stand
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip clutch system
Boom Buddy
Boom Buddy Pouch/Blalance Bag
Light Stand - Lightweight 2-stage (75- 211cm, 4kg payload) 1052BAC (LS02)

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